Not shopping is HARRRRD.

by J. Money - Published February 19, 2008

MAN, this is a lot harder than i originally expected! It’s been easy at work so far, but i realize i am so used to going shopping over the weekends as a form of entertainment :) But hey, one more week into the challenge and i’m still getting A’s. You should be proud of me as all day Saturday, Sunday, and esp. yesterday w/ the holiday, i came super close to just hopping in the car and checking out my fav. stores.

It’s like when you were a teenager and you LOVED going to the mall to meet friends and all. I am still that way today, except that the mall, although v. fun, has been substituted w/ scattered stores across town.

Usually this would include a nice little route covering 3 thrift stores, and 2 discount stores (like TJ Maxx). I never go overboard by any means, but dropping $50-$100 a weekend on stuff (some would call it “junk”) would be no problemo. Not to mention i’d enjoy the 3-4 hours of entertainment value.

It’s that feeling of being out and about I suppose, except I pay for it while shopping. You know what i ended up doing instead this weekend? I took a nice walk around our lake, watched a cple movies from Comcast On Demand, my newest addiction!, worked on this bloggy blog, and then escorted my lovely fiancée around town to run some errands. Bare in mind, one errand was at DSW and i saw a freakin’ awesome to the max pair of shoes that normally cost $100+, was on sale for $79.99, and THEN on another sale at 40% off! That was a pretty hard one to let go, but i did it. Proud of me?

Here’s to challenges & frugalness!


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