Pray tell, is this possible?

by J. Money on Thursday, February 21, 2008

I’ve been scouring all sorts of personal finance blogs lately as i’m fairly new to the game here, and i just came across a lunch challenge posted by the mastermind behind (i take it her name is krystal?) aka “Give Me Back My Five Bucks. I love that name, clever right? At any rate, if you peruse this sexy little article you will notice that a good 28, TWENTY-FREAKIN’-EIGHT PF’ers are currently giving this a shot!

Man that seems like bonkers. Wait what? what’s that you say…I’m listed on there too? Why yes, look at that i sure am. Well what’s a newbie to do but to follow the crowd and gain some pointers right? Right.

So, i pose the question: Is it possible not to spend a dime on lunch, snacks, tea, or coffee during a normal 9-5 workday for an entire month? I can gather that it’s at least fathomable due to the amount of responders alone on her posting, but can i myself, J. Money, do this? The simple answer is i haven’t a clue. I’ve never tried, and i never thought i would to be perfectly frank.

Like others, however, i thrive on personal challenges and am willing to give it a shot….just not starting now :) I will be starting March 1st and going throughMarch 31st. (out of all the months to pick right? the one with 31 days in it!). I already have a hardcore challenge i’m working on for Lent, and i honestly don’t think i can do both challenges at the same time w/out preparing a little first. What’s the point on starting something you know you won’t be able to finish right?

So, i will stare down this “no spending during work” nonsense, and report back w/ status checks in the near future. I can’t promise they will be all that exciting, but there’s the off chance i’ll get cranky and rant a little….in which case you’ll probably enjoy it a bit more ;) I’m sexcited!

I challenge you to give it a shot as well! If you’re all in, go ahead and add your name to her list or simply holler (comment) on this good blog and make your intentions known.

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1 Crystal June 11, 2015 at 5:08 am

In God we trust! Right?! HehehHahaja


2 J. Money June 12, 2015 at 11:52 am

Indeed :)

I actually totally forgot about this goal/post from all those years ago – you found an oldie!


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