It’s Monday, and i’m off to VEGAS!!!

by J. Money - Published March 31, 2008

That’s right kiddies, the work is sending me to the City of Spending ;) And not only that, but word on the street is that we’ll be treated like rock stars when we’re there! it’s along story, but basically my boss got mistaken for a big roller a cple years back, and has since proved it to be true. haha… works for me!

But while i’m as excited as a little boy on Christmas, i’m also nervous as hell! There’s a number of reasons for this, but the budgety ones are topping the list for sure. Here’s a list of things for me NOT to do while gone. Since i can’t write them on my hand like i’d normally do, you better believe i’m printing this out and keeping it on me 24/7:

1) Not to forget how sexy budgets are!
2) Not to forget to pack Mr. Frugal in my suitcase.
3) Not to spend over $200.*
4) Not to forget i’m actually NOT a rock star ;) ….sadly.
5) And most importantly, not to get wasted and make a fool of myself w/ colleagues!

I’m sure there are a billion other items not to forget, but as long as i follow the above i should make it out w/ my money (and my job) still in tact. And to be even MORE on top of the game, i’m gonna bring my own book/magazines from home as to not waste so much on airport prices. I just picked up a copy of “The Automatic Millionaire” after hearing so much about it, so that should keep me in the frugal spirit!

All i know is, i gotta get my game face on and do my best to fit in as a Frugal’er in a high roller’s suit. It’s sure gonna be hard, but you know what? I can do this. As long as i don’t get dropped off at a Texas Hold’em table all night, i’ll be fine. (poker’s my one weak spot, i can’t help it!!!)

As you can imagine, i won’t be able to spend a huge amount of time posting and reading all my fav. pf blogs, BUT you know i’ll do my best to post at least once a day :) I can’t leave everyone hanging, right? I’m thinking I’ll write a little this afternoon, and then post them over the next cple days. Of course, if i have my own internet access in the hotel, i might even be able to share a little directly from Vegas! Perhaps some pictures and stories meant to “stay in Vegas”? haha…we shall see.

Before i go now, i want to give some last shout outs to those i will be sure to miss this week. The first, of course, is Mrs Budgetsaresexy! She’s my partner in crime, and i will miss her dearly. The rest is my online family! Without all you personal finance bloggers and readers, i might just find myself crying and broke on the plane ride home :)

So with that, i bid you all adieu. May your net worth increase, and your hearts be happy!

*This is my max amount i’m allowing myself to blow from gambling, souvenirs, etc. LUCKILY all housing/food expenditures will be taken care of by work.


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