My treasure’s newly found value.

by J. Money - Last updated February 28, 2012

I WON THE LOTTERY!!! j/k….oh well, so what if Operation Panera is now down the toilet, it’ll happen one day :) I DO have good news though!

Thanks to E.C. (& Tom’s) post on my treasure chest find, I now have some answers regarding my savings bonds! Seriously thanks guys, there was no way i was gonna find that site myself w/ everything going on this week.

First, what are EE Savings Bonds? Directly from:

EE Bonds are reliable, low-risk government-backed savings products that you can use toward financing education, supplemental retirement income, birthday and graduation gifts, and other special events.

They are purchased at half the price of the face value, and mature over a certain amount of time. If redeemed in the first 5 years, the 3 most-recent months’ interest will be forfeited, but anytime after 5 years is free from penalization. The interest gained are also state & local tax free, but you do have to pay federal tax.

Now, would you like to know the juicy details of how much mine are worth? do ya? do ya? Have you been good? okayyyyyyy, here we go!

Not bad, right? What was interesting was the fact that they were all purchases for only $25.00, i had no idea that’s how it worked! Not only that, but that some are now worth 6 TIMES the original price! Sweetness for sure. The two under valued under $50 i wasn’t expecting, but whatever it’s totally a great deal.

After debating the last few days what to do with them, i think i’ll hold onto them until each reaches 30 years (the limit at which interest will stop accruing). I *might* convert them into electronic bonds through that same website, so they’re at least up to modern times, but either way those bad boys will remain in my safe for a bit.

Thanks everyone for the nice comments, and be sure to check out the site yourself and see what YOUR’S are worth!!! it’s sexciting, that’s for sure :)


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