Holy Cow, these gas prices are no joke!

by J. Money - Published May 30, 2008

I know there’s been a 345,456,77.15 articles out there on this whole gas fiasco, but it wasn’t until last night’s fill up that it actually hit me…

These gas prices are ridiculous! I could have bought a used computer instead!
(okay, so that’s a little exaggeration…but great googly moogly just the same.)

Care to take a guess how much it cost me to fill up my SUV? And keep in mind, I have a Toyota Highlander which is quite respectable in it’s class for consumption: $60.56 – for less than 16 gallons!

I know it’s not the end of the world, some people are spending over $4.50/gallon. But it’s just that i kinda blocked the whole gas thing out, and was doing SO good at not letting it get to me :( Needless to say, selling the car will be back on the consideration list again.

Wanna know the saddest part about this? The other day when i was going through my old planner (from back in the college days) i found a “receipts” pouch and took a stroll back memory lane. I nearly fell over at what i saw: Gas per gallon back then – $1.02.



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