It’s a WOOT OFF!!!

by J. Money - Published May 9, 2008

woot off!Do you know what that means? It means you get a butt-load of super duper GREAT deals!!! Every time one offer sells out, they throw up a spankin’ new one, and the “woot off” usually last for a good 24 hours (sometimes more).

Check it out: – Anything from coffee machines, computers, flat screens, watches, vacuums, you name it. AND, they are always incredibly cheap – hence my reason for bringing it up here ;)

Think of it as a warehouse of all “extras” that need to get out the door. They sell buckets full at pretty much the cheapest cost they can do, and then only slap on a $5.00 shipping fee no matter WHAT you buy. (this can be key, esp if you pick up a flat screen, or something pretty heavy).

And SOON, they’ll probably start throwing out “random bags of woot”! They usually cost 1$ each, but have sexy surprises in them! I’ve never been fortunate enough to grab one (they sell out in seconds sometimes – literally) so if you ever get a chance, I recommend picking up 3 at a time, and then mailing me one ;)

ps: if you want more WOOT info, check out my previous woot post.


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PS: If you don't trust yourself with another credit card, ignore this! This strategy is to help you get out of debt quicker, not risk adding more to it.

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