J’s Graphic "Design Shop" is now open :)

by J. Money on Friday, May 16, 2008

J's Design Shop
Aww yeahhhhh – My virtual shop is now ready for some happy customers!
If you know of anyone looking for some extra help sprucing up their logos, blogs, websites, or anything else out there – shoot ’em on by! You might even get a nice little present from me ;)

Gotta make some sort of money on my bloggy blog, right? I mean, this IS a blog about money management and all. haha… and don’t get me wrong, the $2.70 I’ve earned so far is def. something for sharing my passion w/ the world – but it sure ain’t sexy!

So, until the big boys start rolling in and purchasing my online real estate, it is time to get creative (no pun intended) and help my fellow bloggers/companies out with some nifty graphic design. Plus, putting my old college degree to use sure would make momma proud ;)

Now for the juicy part – my rates. I’m pretty flexible when it comes down to it, but here’s a good idea of what you could expect (i’ve also been know to barter):

  • Free – Any of my “advertise here” icons.
  • $15.00 – 125×125, Entrecards, Icons, and any other smaller graphics :)
  • $20.00 – 300×250, 468×60, 160×600, 728×90 and similar banners/towers.
  • $30.00 – Custom logos and headers.
  • $40.00 – Special! Includes a Custom Logo and two 125×125’s!

I stay in communication pretty well, and will forward you examples and different versions until we decide on which route to go and then finalize them. It’s all a pretty smooth process really, and I can usually turn them around fairly quickly.

bank of j.

If you’re interested, holler via email: J (at) budgetsaresexy.com, or through the contact form below. That’s it folks – keep me in your pocket for whenever a need might arise. And remember, the early blogger gets the worm!

PS: Some of my favorite tools:
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