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by J. Money - Published May 2, 2008

I almost forgot to share the most blog-related news from them this month! Jeepers. It was a review of the “BEST Personal Finance Blogs” out there. Do you think I made it?

1) Most Sensible: – A great site, run by JLP!. Also might be worth subscribing over there considering he’s an actual financial planner :) Someone who enjoys doing something w/ their college major I’d imagine. haha.. Money Mag picked this site as he “avoids the hype” and is a pretty conservative investor, sticking mainly to index funds.
2) Most inspiring: – I’ve been to the site a number of times, but what i DIDN’T know was that creator (J.D.) came back from $35k in debt! CONGRATS my man, that’s quite an accomplishment. The blurb also mentioned that he used to be a cardboard-box saleman! i love it.
3) Most Voyeuristic: – Truer words couldn’t have been said! The IT guy behind it, Jonathan, spills all is finances out for the world to see – i absolutely love it. His blog was actually the first one i ever bookmarked, and one I continue to read to this day. It even turns out he’s on a similar “million dollar mission” like myself – striving to be a millionaire by 45. He’s a smart man, that guy!

4) Most entertaining: – Awww yeahhhh! Created, and directed by yours truly – the remarkable double agent J. Money, who’s trying to reach millionaire status by 44 (take that). haha… i keed, i keed! I was not in the issue. But one day i shall….you bet your bottom dollar.


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