The time has come – I’m off to be hitched!

by J. Money - Published May 30, 2008

That’s right my dear friends, tomorrow I go from “singlehood” to “chained”, i mean “married” ;) It was a fun 27 years going it alone, and now i shall be blessed with a family. Oooooh, i could have little J’s running around now too – woohoo!

And if you’re wondering how you’ll keep entertained while we’re away, worry no more. I have a few nuggets lined up, and they’ll be sure to do the trick:

  • Guest posts from awesome bloggers & readers such as yourself.
  • Random posts that i have future dated (savvy, huh?)
  • And semi-tipsy updates if i can sneak online ;)

And if you go through all that, and you STILL need something juicy, then check out (and bookmark) one of the best sites e-v-e-r: The Chuck Norris Random Fact Generator!

You’re in good hands my loved ones. I’m off to get hitched now and get to honeymooning, but while i’m gone next week you just remember one thing – don’t do anything i wouldn’t do!


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Jay loves talking about money, experimenting, blasting hip-hop, and hanging out with his two beautiful boys. You can check out all of his online projects at Thanks for reading the blog!

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