Would you rather…Default on all loans, OR…

by J. Money - Published May 26, 2008

I know i just did one of these last week (the George Bush deal), but they’re so much fun! And plus it’s Memorial Day – which means it’s a holiday, and I can do whatever i want ;) That, and it’s also my blog. haha…

Since I won’t be up bright and early like usual on a Monday morning, I was sure to plop this one up at 1a.m., just for you!

Please to enjoy:

Would you rather… Default on all loans, credit cards, mortgages, etc for 5 months straight (no payments allowed at all, no matter what even if you have the money) – OR would you rather give Uncle Sam a one time $20,000 check to avoid it all together?”

And you have to pick one. It’ll suck either way, but which would be better? That’s the tricky part. I’ll post my answer later ;)


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