Hello from the beach! (A quick shout out)

by J. Money - Last updated August 1, 2016

hello from the caribbean Missing me yet? I hope not – you should have plenty to read while i’m away ;) Remember that Chuck Norris Random Fact Generator link i sent to ya? aww yeahhhh!

Anyways, I just wanted to give you all a quick shout out and to let you know that I’m looking for bargains down here when we’re out and about… Just cuz it’s our honeymoon, doesn’t mean i can get all kooky w/ my our money!

Although, with the way we’re being spoiled down here Mr. Sexy might come back in action and take over from Mr. Frugal! (Remember what almost happened back in Vegas?)

We got one of those “all you can eat & drink” resort places down here, so we don’t have to plan a damn thing anymore ;) The price tag wasn’t pretty ($4,000), but we get 8 long days and nights there, and it’s supposed to be one of the best parts for our lives. We all know it’ll be hard to justify another trip like this in the near future! Why do i have to be so frugal again?

Well that’s it for now my furry little friends! I *may* or *may not* be back anytime soon, so if i don’t respond to any posts or emails, you’ll know why…i’ll be down at the copa cabana w/ two drinks in my hand and a farmers tan ;)


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