Ahhhhh our basement is flooding! (so why am i here posting?)

by J. Money on Thursday, July 17, 2008

Because i needed a break ;) That, and i frugal’d (word?) my way into a discount! Mrs. Budgetsaresexy came home last night to find out that there’s water swimming around our basement, and it was about to flood into our carpet! We luckily caught it in time, but have been trying to figure out what the F happened all night long – and without the A/C running :(

We narrowed it down to either our condensation pipe in the A/C unit, or the pipe embedded into the cement part of our basement. So i’m home from work dealing with it, and the A/C guy just came and left….and told me we needed a Plumber! D’OH. (have i mentioned how much i LOVE home ownership?)

He then turned around and said, “That’ll be $89.00”.
ARGHHHHHH….I thought, and to which i replied with “well, since you’re here, can you at least poke around a bit and give any pointers?” (I also brought in our little kitty in hopes he was a cat man…turns out he was!) He gladly looked around and told me some things i can do myself before calling in professional help. And, on top of that, he hooked me up w/ a 50% discount and only charged me $45!!!! HOTNESS.

So, either the cat won him over, or he just really felt bad for me ;) Either way, I’ll take it! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go be Mr. Sexy Handyman…there’s no way i’m dishing out more money without a fight!

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