Even if i were loaded, i still wouldn’t blow my money.

by J. Money - Published July 11, 2008

crazy furniture prices

Chairs “on sale” for $479? Each? I love my posterior, but not THAT much! haha… that’s seriously a lot of dough. I’d ask if anyone disagrees with me, but it’s probably pointless on a blog dedicated to personal finance. It really does amaze me, though, that there’s a market for this stuff. And even worse, this is probably on the lower side of high-end furniture. Can you imagine dishing out a couple thousand for a single chair? *shiver*

It reminds me of those loonies who pay $10,000 for a balled up piece of gum once chewed by Britney Spears. Well okay, maybe not, that’s kinda cool depending on how you look at it ;) But do you think they actually believe it’ll make them happier, or are they just feeding another vice like the rest of us?

Either way, I’ll just pretend they spend their waking hours promoting peace, and saving future generations from starvation and disease. And in that case, by all means spend away!

(but seriously, if you ever catch me buying this stuff go ahead and punch me in the face.)


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