My Financial Vice is not from Miami…so where, then?

by J. Money - Published July 9, 2008

you are mine - bananaNickel posed a great question the other day asking “What is your biggest financial vice?” His was eating out 3-4 times a week for lunch, and it seemed the same for many of the other commenters as well. Although my favorite so far is the gambler who lost $20k last year (ouch) – that’s definitely a vice alright! But who doesn’t love Texas Hold’Em?

So here i am trying to figure out my own biggest vice, and for once in my life i can’t place it! I seriously don’t spend my money as crazily as i used to. If you were to ask me 6 months ago, I would have no problem coming up with them – TJ Maxx addiction, Eating lunch out 5x week, and lottery tickets to name a few.

The biggest, however, would have been my sporadic splurging! I can’t remember all of them, but I’d say i had at LEAST 4 big ones last year. As i mentioned in my ode to splurging article the other week, this included a little bling action & a little electronic action. I’d never take them back (i love those presents to myself!), but i sure as hell haven’t splurged this year.

But what about now? Where do my naughty George Washingtons go? Well, if i had to choose one, and you know i do, i’m gonna have to go with Expensive Bananas. That’s right buster, you heard me. If I have a strong hankering for one of those delicious beauties, there is no stopping me on how far i’ll go to get one.

While they won’t ever kill my budget, you’d be surprised at how much they go for in places. Here in DC they range from 75¢ to $1.00, depending on where you get them – a fast food joint, a street vendor, the train station, etc. Unfortunately my craving usually takes place at an airport, where i’ve been known to drop an entire $1.19 (gasp!).

What about you guys ? Does your financial vice beat mine?


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