My Toyota Highlander is up For Sale, and Everyone’s hatin’

by J. Money on Tuesday, July 29, 2008

toyota highlanderMan, this time last year it would have been sold instantly! Leather, heated seats, 3rd row, 6-cd changer, all luxury man – it’s a great buy.

But here we are, one year later and it’s already got a bad rap. The second you call it an SUV (*ghasp!) it gets discriminated against :( Sure it sucks down more gas than the pretty boy Prius, but it doesn’t mean you should hate on it – it’s just looking for a new home.

I’ve been doing alot to get it marketed, as well as cleaned up. I bought a good $25 worth of sponges, towels, leather cleaner, chrome cleaner, brushes, wax, you name it! Then I spent 4 hours cleaning out the whooooooooooole thing, vacuuming and all. It may not sell anytime soon, but I’ll tell you one thing, that bad boy is blingin’ ;)

I’ve also listed it online going on 2 weeks now, but not even a nibble. Can you believe that? Not ONE email, call, question, nada. This is very strange for me as i usually have no problems at all selling things online. I never sold an entire, working, nice car on it before, but I know the concept’s the same.

The problem i’m having, besides the obvious Gas Dilemna, is that there’s just a freakin’ ton of cars out there on the market. It’s like the housing crisis, especially since I’m stuck on my asking price too. I can try lowering it until it’s sold, but then I risk being upside down (even more) on the car….and that just plain sucks.

I’m still happy w/ the Caddy I just picked up, but as it stands I technically just put myself in even more debt – something that’s probably not the best idea w/ the Mrs. going into Grad School next month. I just figured I would get at least a COUPLE inquiries, ya know? I gotta keep hanging tight though, and hope that the $100 I shelled out for marketing and cleaning it up pays off soon. If i’m really serious about letting it go, I need to keep giving it my all …and believe me, the idea of keeping all 3 cars is DEF. sexciting to think about!

1 gas-happy car, 1 SUV for hauling stuff & winter, and 1 bad boy classic to roam the streets on the weekends! MM mmmmmm that’s tasty. But, I can’t think like that – The Mrs. needs the money for higher education. Just gotta keep telling myself that :)

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