O.M.G. I might be buying a new car.

by J. Money - Published July 12, 2008

I just came across a killer Cadillac on Craigslist, test drove it, and now i want it! I really shouldn’t have gone over to look at it, but I couldn’t help myself. The best part, besides the price ($3,400!), is that it’s owned by a mechanic! And one who enjoys supping it up a bit too ;)

I’m doing the research on it now, and will give my self a cple days to take it all in, but i’m 75% thinking of getting it. If i can figure out a way to pay it off quickly, that would mean ZERO car payments! Yes, gas would be crazy obnoxious, but at least i wouldn’t have that $24k car note, right?

Ahhhhhhhhh Kelly Clarkson…


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