iPhones are for Coders, and Sidekicks are for Ballers ;)

by J. Money - Published August 18, 2008

budgets are sexy - sidekickWouldn’t you agree? haha…I don’t think i’d ever pick up an iPhone to be honest with ya. And not so much because it rids me of a few benjamins, but because i’m afraid of getting “sucked in” to techno-land!

I already have a pretty bad habit of checking email, myspace, my stats on this blog, and everything else now built into our daily routines. So while it would be “cool” to have one, I just don’t see it happening…plus, I REALLY love the sidekick!

That’s a cooler, cheaper, phone in my opinion that still allows you to stay connected, but gets you excited to make a phone call or send a text :) Totally a matter of personal opinion of course, but I think it’s more of a phone-phone than the iPhone. I guess it depends on what you think you need it for though. I’m more into texting and im’ing on a phone than searching on the web, so the sidekick seems like a better fit (plus, i think it’s sexy as hell!). But if you were to ask my co-workers, they’d laugh in my face and say how superior the iPhone is – 50% of them own iPhones, but then again they’re all techies and coders ;)

Unfortunately/Fortunately, however, my favorite carrier in the whole world – Verizon – supports neither phone so there’s really no temptation whatsoever to upgrade here. So for now i’m stuck (and pretty much content) w/ my LG VX6000. It’s a simple black flip phone, and I can still get online and do my texting and all anyways…it’s just not as “fun” as I see it with Sidekick, but maybe Verizon will get hip one of these days?

So what’s the point of this post then? I couldn’t tell ya….i just decided to write this morning and for whatever reason the whole iPhone craze popped into my brain. Although I suppose I could wrap this up nicely and say something frugal like:

“If your cell works, don’t upgrade! Save the money and invest the money you would have spent into your Emergency Fund”. Oooooh, that’s good! Yeah, let’s go with that :)

Why fix it if it ain’t broke, right? Do you really NEED that new phone/piece of techy goodness? Chances are you don’t. I say today we appreciate what we HAVE, over what we WISH we had. A day of appreciation, if you will. So as I depart here, I happily wish you and yours a very merry Happy Appreciation Day! (didn’t see that one coming when i started writing this! haha)


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