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I’m harboring a lot of anger right now, so avert if you’re happy.

by J. Money on Thursday, November 6, 2008

my face.I seriously just don’t get how people can treat other people so horribly?!

What is wrong w/ this world? I’m sorry to say, but this is probably not gonna be the happiest of posts today – just keeping things honest up in here ;)

It’s not accurate if i only post all the happy happy,joy joy stuff right? This is life, and it’s crazy sometimes…i’m also selfishly hoping to feel better when i finish here.

Order #1 on the docket – That d-head of a photographer wrote back after 4 weeks with another sob story and demanding us to stop contacting him as his life sucks. He said he’ll send the Proofs (no raw images, prints, nothing – just the proofs) by end of December. Are you on crack, son? I’ll agree with him that he sucks @ life, but sorry buddy, i’ve lost all patience and respect for you. You do not have the right to ask for a thing anymore.

I left him the following note on facebook (his preferred method apparently), email, voicemail, and text:

“D-head (edited),

Our condolences for your losses. December is not going to work. We will give you until next Friday, November 14th, to simply mail us the RAW images and you will not be bothered again. If we do not receive these RAW images by Friday, November 14th, we will see you in court. Apparently filing a BBB complaint was not enough.

Mr. and Mrs. Rockstar (edited)

Needless to say, i’ve basically lost my $hit now w/ this turdbucket. But fingers crossed.

*UPDATE: Got the following back within 30 mins (pretty good for someone who has no access to any communication, huh? “As stated. I will not be able to make that deadline.” I basically told him that if he does not meet the deadline, the court will decide further action. HAH! F’er.

Order #2 on the docket: My paycheck just bounced, and i am now scared this economy has finally affected us. There’s a whole back story here, but unfortunately i cannot risk saying anything more for fear of blowing my anonymous cover. That, and i actually LOVE my job despite all of this – so i’d rather not depart prematurely. Still aggravating as hell. UPDATE: Will be getting a wire transfer within 24 hours…crisis averted.

Order #3 on the docket: The Mrs. is sick :( Made 3-4 trips to dr’s, hospitals, you name it. We’re going on 3 days now, and no diagnosis has been found – which is both good and bad really. This has nothing to do with personal finance, unless i talk about how i saved $18 remembering to bring my insurance card this time for the drugs!, but it still upsets me :( this is a rant on life moreso than against a particular person. UPDATE: Wifey still sick, seeing doctor in one hour! UPDATE #2: Wifey went back into E.R., and is now staying over night! yikesy mama – prob. have to take her gallbladder out, but we’ll know more in the mornin’. time to go join her and have a “fun” sleep!

Okay, that is all. I’m not feeling 100% better now, but it def. helped! Thanks for listening, and PLEASE please PLEASE holler back with some happy stuff if you’ve got anything. Some of you have to be having a blessed day, right?!

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