Would you Politically, and Publicly, sell out for $10,000?

by J. Money - Published November 21, 2008

would you rather...This one may be my favorite yet. It’s not exactly a “would you rather” question, but it should definitely do the trick. You know why? Because it involves politics…..AND money. Both of which coule rile you up in a heartbeat ;)

And what fun would this world be without testing your limits? So while the elections are still in the rear view mirror and nobody’s tired of it yet (HAH!), here’s this month’s question:

“Would you, for $10,000 in cash – publicly announce to the world on national t.v. that you strongly support, AND admire, the opposite candidate you actually voted for?”

Oooooh, good one right :) I’d imagine those who aren’t that passionate about it wouldn’g care all that much and would gladly take the money, but what about those hardcore supporters? I mean, $10G’s is a lot of loot! Do you think your family, friends, and co-workers (or even your blog readers) would really CARE that much about your ideals?

For me? I’d take the money and run! haha…i’d sellout in a heartbeat. Hell yeah I think Obama is the man and proudly voted for him, but McCain is a decent human being and i wouldn’t mind taking $hit for saying so for a few weeks. People (aka those who know who i am) will forget in no time, and the rest of the world could care less…it’s not like i’m Perez Hilton. yet.

What about you all? Would you pocket that money and get out of dodge? It’s an interesting question either way – it’s just too bad it’ll never come true ;)

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ps: if this looks familiar it’s because i originally created it for cleverdude.com


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