It’s my birthday, and i can shop if i want to :)

by J. Money - Published December 26, 2008

best day ever.Awww yeahhh! Not only is it Boxing Day (although not really sure what that is?), but it’s also a day of mad discounts and sales all over town :) And what better time to shop than when your pocket is full of present money?

Of course, having your birthday right after the man upstairs DOES have its drawbacks, but there are a lot of pros too: You’re always around friends and family, everyone’s all chipper and in a good mood, and you have like a kajillion days off of work!

I really wouldn’t change it for the world….although funnily enough i do remember changing it to November 26th growing up. This way people would actually ATTEND my bday parties, and i never got gypped on the old 2-for-1 present deal and all. Hey, you gotta be crafty when you’re a kid, right?

So yeah, i’ve really come to enjoy this shopping tradition over the years. It’s pretty sweet because i can pick up anything that i didn’t get the day before – and at usually a lower cost! We usually hit up my favorite stores first- TJ Maxx, Rugged Wearhouse, Target, the mall – and then take a time out and share a nice family lunch together downtown. It really does come close to a “perfect day” :)

And on that note, i leave you all to a very merry Friday! May your weekend be full of love, and your pockets full of the blingy bling. J. Money…….OUT!


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