And "they" say you can’t win the lottery?! Pshhhh…

by J. Money - Published January 8, 2009

Scratch off winner! Well take a look at that bad boy! That’s right, i rolled the dice and won big last night :) A wopping $21! Aww yeahhhhh….

I swear I almost $hit in my pants too. I’m one of those people who scratches off the items first to SEE if i win, and then go back to scratch off the actual amounts as to drag on the excitement.

Sooo, as I was scratching off the first cash icon, then the second, and then the third, i was like “OH. MY. GOSH. I’m going to win it all!” And then I thought (no thanks to the Mrs.), is this a mistake? How could i win ALL 7 slots?! Did the computer mess up and I really didn’t win anything? And remember, at this point I still hadn’t scratched off all the dollar amounts ;)

But I scratched them all off and won $21 sexy sweet dollars! It was pretty damn fun, but I have to admit it was a bit of a let down as I got to cash prize #6 and #7. I thought i’d get close to being the Top Prize $1k winner for sure! I guess that’s what I get for dragging it all out and imagining in my head what i’d do with it all ;) haha….it sure was a rush though!

There’s not too many things that excite me for $1, so playing the lottery always gives a jolt of happiness – win or lose. But last night?! Whew! I was freakin’ flying high! Isn’t that funny though? In the grand scheme of things it’s only $20 ($21 – $1 paid for it), but when you build up the excitement like that it quadruples (is there a word for 21 times? Twentyfirst-tupled?) the fun :)

It’s also quite interesting that I didn’t even MEAN to play. It just so happened the lottery machine was side by side w/ the ATM (pretty clever technique there, 7-Eleven!). So as I stood there waiting for my $80 buckaroos to pop out of it, that lottery machine kept calling my name ;) As cheezy as it sounds, I REALLY felt lucky at that moment in time. I didn’t even have to guess *which* ticket to buy as only one stood out – “Money Bags”. And as luck would have it, I had one remaining $1 bill in my pocket!

So what did i learn from it all? A) Play the lottery when you have a good feeling, and B) Play the lottery for the love of the game. If you follow those 2 rules (and don’t overdue it), you’ll be sitting pretty happily. Now, who wants to loan me another dollar?


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