Hot Damn y’all, It’s Tax Season! Get Sexcited!

by J. Money - Published January 22, 2009

it's tax season, baby!I know, I’m calling myself out as a huge psycho here. I really can’t help it though, this part of the year gets me all excited and giddy! There’s something so satisfying about gathering all your paperwork for the year, and then closing it all out.

It’s like the Super Bowl of your Money, if you will ;) Of course, it’s probably a bit more fun considering I don’t actually DO the taxes myself – I use an accountant. Haha…

It sucked at first paying the $150-$200, but I’ve come to appreciate the work she’s done over the years…esp since my personal circumstances keep changing all the time (live in VA, work in DC – work in DC, live in MD, single then married to grad student, etc). I’m sure I could figure it out if i just took the time to learn, but I always feel like accountants can *find* all the good stuff i’d miss?

Do you all tackle your taxes? Or do you suck it up and pay someone to hook ’em up for you? Regardless, Tax Season is awesome and I’m in heaven right now. Here’s a whole mess of reasons why i heart it so:

  1. You feel all organized and $hit!
  2. You get to see, and analyze, an entire year’s worth of finances.
  3. It brings back a lot of memories like “Oh yeah, i forgot i got paid for doing ___”, or “it feels good donating $____ this year!”
  4. You get to close out another year, and start a new one.
  5. You feel accomplished putting it all together and handing it over!*
  6. You don’t have to do any of the dirty work.*
  7. You feel like a PIMP cuz you “have people”!*
  8. You get to anxiously wait and see how much you’ve won!
  9. Your $ gets automatically deposited into your account.
  10. You feel like a baller until it all disappears ;)

Needless to say, I cannot WAIT to see what i win! I brought in a cool $4k last year, and I was neither married NOR paying the mortgage for the entire year. So that’s gotta bring in even more, right? I dunno, I’m just hypothesizing here…in all honesty really, I’d be happy as long as I just don’t have to give anything back.


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