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Health Insurance getting changed up, but I still have a job!

by J. Money on Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i heart my boss.Yup, so I pay a bit more now for health insurance – oh well! When it comes down to it, I still have a job. And a mighty sexy one too at that :)

Who needs 100% company-paid health insurance anyways?! There’s no way we could have continued doing that in today’s environment (as hot as it was!) So I’ll suck this one up just as I did the other benefit cuts and just never go to the doctors or dentist again! Haha, nah…it’s not THAT bad.

Our CEO & Management handled this situation pretty damn well. Our company’s premiums went up around 40% and they were forced to come up with a change that would best benefit all parties involved. But after they did that, they called an all-hands meeting and presented everything very thoroughly and explained their reasoning behind their final decision. EXCELLENT! That goes a long way in any company, but esp. those small ones like ours.

Here were some of the options they had to sort through:

  • Keep our current plan, and pass the extra expenses onto us. This would have allowed us to hold on to our rock star plan as-is ($10 copays, $50 ER visits, no deductibles, etc.), but we’d then have to contribute about $300-$400 A MONTH each! ouch. That’s a far cry from paying $0.00 each month.
  • Change up the CoPays and Deductibles. This would mean our insurance is still paid for 100% through our company (no auto. deductions every paycheck for it), and our coverage would be the same, but we’d now have to pay a bit more every time we took a visit. If you go a lot, then you’d be more affected than those who rarely ever go (like myself).
  • Lower coverage and pickup a limited plan. This would also drastically cut costs, but then our coverage goes to $hit and we’d have to be extra careful where we go to do what, and how. I’m CRAZY glad they didn’t go w/ this one for obvious reasons.

They went with Option #2, which I agree was a great choice. We get to keep our awesome coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, and we don’t have any $ auto. deducted from our paychecks every 2 weeks!!! I love it. Some of us NEVER go to the dr’s so we wouldn’t even notice the change until we do. Which would probably suck cuz that means something is *really* wrong w/us ;) haha….but either way, I’d say 99% of us were pretty happy w/ the outcome. If I had to pay $400 a month i’d be pretty pissed. I’d still do it cuz I love my job, but I’d fill out that complaint jar to the brim on that day!

Here are the biggest changes to our plan now:

  • CoPays go up from $10/visit to $20/visit. This one stings a little, but again you only pay it when you hit up the Dr’s. And it’s a lot less than a) $30 like a few of my friends have, and b) having no insurance! (yikes)
  • We now have deductibles! I believe they are now at $300 per incident, up to a max of $7,000 total you can pay throughout a given year? Something like that (I don’t have them in front of me at the moment). This is the biggest change as we never had them before – most things were totally taken care of, unless you had a unique situation that required you to go out of network.
  • Network vs Non-Network spread increased. I never go out of network so I kind of dozed off here, but I know that it costs a lot more now going out of network than it previously did. I can never understand why anyone would really do this anyways…

So yeah, looks like our company is still dealing with the changes going around town. We were told this was the last of the “big items” being looked at now too, so that’s def. good to hear! And that means our awesome 401k matches are still on the docket – woohoo :) Who knows what next month will bring, but for now I’ll still continue working along happily and doing my thang over here. Can’t get bent out of shape when the unemployment rate keeps skyrocketing..

PS: I still have to report on the final cost of the Gallbladder Removal last year! I haven’t forgotten, just too lazy to compile all the amounts and get it all together. More to come on who got the closest estimate.

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