Dear Shopping Malls, I miss you…

by J. Money - Published May 19, 2009

Dear Shopping...Ever since I gave you guys up a while back, things just haven’t been the same. Call me a little girl, but I miss you guys! Remember when I’d wake up all giddy and full of coffee just waiting to shop? Or when I was so bored that only YOU, my best friends in the whole world, could cure me of my malaise? I really hope you’re doing well w/out me.

While I’m a bit saddened by our prolonged silence, you’ll be happy to know that the Mrs. and I are doing quite well. I’ve been filling my time blogging about personal finance over here (a little bit about shopping too, don’t you worry), and the Mrs. just finished out her first year of grad school! Can you believe she pulled straight A’s? It’s all quite exciting, let me tell you.

What’s more, our savings have grown quite stupendously and we no longer have any more credit card debt! You see, what I’ve come to realize over these past 2 years is that I can shop at my own pace without *needing* to shop. It’s not as fun as the olden days, but it sure makes for a more peaceful lifestyle. If only you could see how stress-free we are now!

I do miss you all terribly though, and we promise to come visit soon. I wanna hear all about your new products and sales going on! Are you all surviving this economy okay? I really do hope so. Well, I better go and drop this in the mail now friends. We miss you, we love you, and we can’t wait to see you all again! Don’t forget about us over here…

Your old-time pal,

PS: Do you remember our dear friend Holly? Well, you guys lost the bet – she survived an entire year without shopping one single time! How crazy is that? Please be sure to send her your congratulations, you know how hard that must have been for her.


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