June 2009

How much is a house really going to cost me?

June 30, 2009

How much is a house really going to cost me? A lot more than you probably think ;) Although it’s still doable if you’re ready to jump in! I was asked this same question by a fellow reader recently, and thought I’d forward my answer over for anyone else just starting the home buying process: “Wow, that’s certainly a loaded question! Here are my quick […]

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Bernard Madoff sentenced to 150 years!!!

June 29, 2009

Madoff jailed for 150 years!! WOW. Guess that’s what you get for scamming people out of millions and millions of dollars buster. This should at least give some solace to those who were burned by him, although, I’d much rather have part of the money back! And by “I”, I mean those who invested. Fortunately, I was not involved. And it’s a good thing too […]

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Financial Checklists Are Key. What’s Yours?

June 29, 2009

Just like budgets, financial checklists also come in different shapes and sizes. Today I present to you a real-life one by fellow blogger Kaitlyn from Upturned Barbie. She blogs about life in general, but it’s pretty obvious she has a keen eye on her finances. Check out her current game plan: Open a c.d. (waiting for a decent initial deposit) Decide on, and begin, contributing […]

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God Bless you, Michael Jackson.

June 26, 2009

You will forever be a brilliant, brilliant artist, and millions of us will miss you. I will never forget blasting Dangerous on rotation 24/7 the first week I had that album – my 2nd ever! I pray the drama is shred, and you’re finally at peace…and happy. (my first non-financial post, sorry – just felt like saying something….)

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Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet and Watch

June 25, 2009

I’d like to share a few tips when driving around in cabs…A friend of mine lost his iPhone in a cab the other day and was going frantic. Not only was he on his way out of town for 3 weeks, but he’s currently unemployed and was dreading the idea of picking up a new one. As with most people, his cellphone is his lifeline […]

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Live Like You’re Broke…

June 24, 2009

Whatcha know about that? Fellow blogger Anne wrote a little on it the other day, and it really hit me – Live like you’re broke! Yes, nice & simple, I dig it. I’ll probably forget this by next month (you know, A.D.D. and all), but for now let’s roll with it ;) If you were really broke, here’s what would happen: First, you would still […]

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How do you measure your own financial success?

June 23, 2009

This question popped up in an email i got from AskMen.com, asking if I wanted to participate in a survey. Now normally I just glance over and then delete/archive as my A.D.D. brain can only take so much. But seeing how it was the “Great Male Survey of 2009”, who am I to turn it down? Okay, well in reality they were smart enough to […]

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Blogging From The Beach, and Saving Money!

June 22, 2009

Gooooood morning my fine blog readers & twitterati! Did you get into anything fun over the weekend? We ended up hitting the beach for a mini-family reunion and we just couldn’t bring ourselves to return home to reality yet ;) That’s what vacation days are for, right? While I sit here soaking up the sun and pegging my nephews with footballs (my favorite part), I […]

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Budgets Come in all Different Shapes and Sizes.

June 19, 2009

If there’s one thing I like more than beer and sex (just being honest!), it’s clever budgeting. And just like there’s all sorts of ways to have a good time, there are all sorts of ways to manage your cash flow. Personally, I use google docs to stay on top of my financial snapshot. I can budget from it, track my savings goals, my paycheck […]

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