Do you need a "story" to be respected as a Blogger?

by J. Money - Published June 11, 2009

Finance bling.In particular, a Personal Finance Blogger? I recently came across an interesting headline: “Asher Roth went to rap because of what he listened to, not what he lived. Does it matter if he’s good? Can he be good? Does he have flow?” That really got me thinking…

For anyone not familiar with Asher, he’s the star behind the hit song I Love College. He’s white and he raps, kind of like Eminem. The difference being, Em & others grew up on the streets and Ash takes notes from those who grew up on the streets.

What occurred to me though, was that I just may be the Asher of pf blogging ;) Not in that I’ve made it big or anything, or because I wish I could rap (which I do), but more in that I don’t have a main story to back me up. I haven’t worked my way out of $XXXXXX.XX debt, nor have I filed for bankruptcy or struck it rich being a .com mogul. In other words, I don’t rap (write) from my experiences on the street (in debt).

I do, however, have plenty of experience in saving money and budgeting as you can see from any of my net worth updates. That doesn’t mean I’m a pro or a financial guru, but I feel like it should give me some street cred out there. At the very least it helps me to convey my messages with a little more conviction.

Would I be a better blogger, though, if I DID come from a financially crazier background? Yeah, probably – as long as I’ve overcome it all. I’d certainly have more interesting stories to share :) I’d like to think that it doesn’t hinder me any more than it does Asher, though. He raps about what he’s passionate about (women and beer apparently), and I do the same. Only difference being that one’s a little more exciting than the other, and brings in a few more Benjamins.

So I say no – you don’t need a story to be respected as a pf blogger. You could use it to your advantage if you did, like Dawn @ fighting foreclosure, but it shouldn’t drag you down any. If you love what you do, it’ll definitely shine through.


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