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Financial Checklists Are Key. What’s Yours?

by J. Money on Monday, June 29, 2009

Financial ChecklistsJust like budgets, financial checklists also come in different shapes and sizes.

Today I present to you a real-life one by fellow blogger Kaitlyn from Upturned Barbie. She blogs about life in general, but it’s pretty obvious she has a keen eye on her finances.

Check out her current game plan:

  • Open a c.d. (waiting for a decent initial deposit)
  • Decide on, and begin, contributing to an IRA
  • Pay off the less than $1k of debt I have
  • Apply for, & get, a credit card & make regular pymts
  • Buy a house (foreclosed) in 1-2 years w/ a 30% down pymt & six months living expenses

Now that’s a woman who knows what she wants! This self-proclaimed spreadsheet nerd is on track and ready to make things happen. She’s already established a budget and believes “control of money is really one of the best things ever!” Sexy! How old are you again? Sheesh….@ 20 she’s already 10 steps ahead of her peers.

It doesn’t come w/out it’s drawbacks (she’s currently working 50 hours a week), but saving like a squirrel getting ready for winter sure does have its perks! How about you rock stars? Care to share? (You can see my top 3 over there in my sidebars, along w/ my progress)

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