Pick Up Lines & Money Go Hand in Hand…

by J. Money on Friday, June 12, 2009

Pick me up.Don’t ask me how I came across some of these, but I did. And lucky for you I will now share them ;) I’m sure you have better stuff to do w/ your time right now, but seriously – can you really help yourself? It’s Friday! So sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy a little off-colored financial humor.

5 Pick Up Lines Associated With Money:

  1. “Can I buy you a drink or do you just want the money?” Classic, and to the point. I’m not sure how well this actually goes over in real life, but I’d be interested in finding out.
  2. “I hope I haven’t given you the wrong impression. I’m actually taller and richer than I look.” Now this one I can see garnering a few laughs :) Not at the beginning of chatting up a girl or anything, but like slipped in there casually. At the very least you wouldn’t get the *eye-roll*!
  3. “I have a small penis, but a big bank account.” I’ve never heard of this one before, and I kinda wish I never did to be honest…whenever a guy mentions anything to do with a penis in order to win a girl over has already crashed & burned.
  4. “Did I tell you I’m filthy rich and my mother’s dead?” Horrible! (and skeevy).
  5. Now, I actually couldn’t find a good #5, but when I googled (not binged!) I found some awesome ones by Dave Ramsey. So instead you shall get a few zingers that I find pretty clever:
    “You’re so hot you could melt my debt snowball.”
    “Call me your mutual fund, honey…’cause with you, I’m showing interest.”
    “When I saw you, my jaw dropped like the value of a new car.”

Hah! It’s hard not to laugh at these no matter how lame they are, but it sure proves money & pick up lines mix well together! Although I’d be more impressed if anyone actually pulled any of these off ;)

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