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Carnival of Pecuniary Delights #17 – "Online Slang" ed.

by J. Money on Thursday, July 23, 2009

Carnival of Pecuniary Delights

Welcome to the 17th Carnival of Pecuniary Delights – “Online Slang” edition!
Like other carnivals this one travels from one blog to another, but the main purpose of THIS guy is to showcase quality articles that may have lapsed into obscurity over the days. So today we dust ‘em off and thrust the best ones back into the limelight.

And in case you’re wondering like I was, pecuniary means “of, or pertaining to money”. Works for me! Now let’s go learn some web slang up in here – it’s poppin’ up as fast as noobie finance bloggers ;) W00t! Here is what the internets are coming to, definitions courtesy of Urban Dictionary.

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Editor’s Pick:

W00T! - An expression of joy and excitement.
ex. “I maxed out my 401(k)! W00t!

Free Money Finance presents Working Longer Hours Early in Your Career is a Good Investment. Just like those retirement funds, it’s better to rock it out NOW while you’ve got time on your side rather than later when you’re all old and crotchety.

Bible Money Matters presents The Best Decision Doesn’t Always Make The Most Financial Sense. This is true! Sometimes you have to make decisions based on your PERSONALITY and what helps you sleep better at night. It may not make the most financial sense, but it might get you to actually DO something about it ;)

The Happy Rock presents Do We Earn The Right Not To Budget? Blasphemy! haha…actually, he brings up a really question. The whole idea of mastering your money is to gain that financial freedom in the end and to focus your energy in other areas of life. But once you’re on a roll and everything’s going smooth, do you now reward yourself by easing up on that budget?

Christian Finance presents How to make money blogging. Wow. Talk about a guy who REALLY has a passion for this stuff! Not only does Bob give a majorly thorough review from top to bottom, but it’s something every blogger should bookmark (I already have) and then review every few months. This is seriously some great, and *free* btw, content.

Financial Highway presents Frugal Summer Fun Ideas: Top 10 Summer Activity Ideas for Families and Couples. While some of these literally made me laugh (“Go hunting for bugs or birds”…”You won’t kill them, of course.”) it’s a mighty impressive list :) Especially if you’re trying to woo anyone in particular right now…I’m pretty sure doing a few of these will earn you some mad creative points.

General Frugality:

Pwned – A corruption of the word “Owned.” It basically means “to own” or to be dominated by an opponent or situation, especially by some god-like or computer-like force.
ex. “That credit card late fee pwned me!”

Pay Less For Food
presents How Brand Jumping Saves You Big Money at the Supermarket.
Enemy of Debt presents A Sacrifice Is Not A Loss But A Gain.
Pecuniarities presents Short Term vs. Long Term Savings with Bulk Buying.
Financial Methods presents Save Money-By Avoiding Advertising.
Building Wealth Together presents Save Money on Your iPhone Bill.
M is for Money presents Frugal Convert.
Bargaineering presents Pause Your Netflix Subscription.
Almost Frugal presents Five Frugal Toys Using Food

Career & Economy:

Noob - Someone who is new or inexperienced in a subject, usually online gaming & the sort.
ex. “I was a total noob when I started blogging – I called my daily posts “blogs.””

Darwin’s Finance presents Minimum Wage Increase Coming – Is it Right?.
Weakonomics presents Four Unknown People To Blame For The Recession.
The Buck List presents 10 Interesting Ways to Make Some Side Cash.
The Canadian Finance Blog presents Build Your Professional Network With LinkedIn.

Personal Finance:

FAIL - The Glorious lack of success.
ex. “I took out a payday loan and forgot to pay it back. FAIL.

Debt Free Adventure presents Pay off Credit Cards VS Build Emergency Fund Savings – Me VS Suze Orman.
Good Financial Cents presents Company Going Bankrupt What About My Pension?
Personal Finance By The Book presents Using 401k to Pay off Credit Cards, Should You?.
Dough Roller presents The College Student’s Guide to Credit Cards.
My Dollar Plan presents The Automatic Poorhouse.
Redeeming Riches presents Should You Refinance Your Student Loans?.
Banker, Saver presents Sneaky Bank Fees: How To Avoid Those Extra Charges.
Suburban Dollar presents Three Things That Could Cost You Your Dream House.
The Digerati Life presents Best High Interest Savings Accounts In Online Banking.
Brain Dead Simple! Financial Organizing presents Guerilla Sorting.
Fiscal Fizzle presents 6 Financial Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs.
FamilyBalanceSheet presents Family Office Manager: Does your family have one?.
Simplified Financial Lifestyle presents 4 Things to help simplify drafting your Will.


Ftw - “For the win.” An enthusiastic emphasis to the end of a comment, message, or post. Sometimes genuine, but often sarcastic.
ex. “Just bought a lottery ticket! 1 in 1,000,000,001 odds, ftw.”

The Smarter Wallet presents Learn How To Invest: Develop An Investment Plan.
Own The Dollar presents Look For Companies To Invest In Who Treat Their Balance Sheet Like You Treat Yours.

That’s it boys and girls. I know there’s a lot of links up there, but hopefully you’re able to scour a few of them get some great tips. One of my favorite parts about hosting carnivals is that I learn so much about the OTHER blogs out there that I normally don’t see :) So poke around and stay tuned for next week’s carnival of pecuniary delights hosted by My Life ROI. Happy Thursday!

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