The iPhone & I are going to the beach!

by J. Money - Published August 1, 2009

Yup, the bff iPhone along with my wife, my fam, my grandmothers, and my adorable baby nephew. It’s been a while since I’ve taken off an entire week like this before and boy is it needed – all this excitement around here has worn a brother out ;)

I encourage you to stick around and continue commenting/reading though! I’ll be on and off throughout the week (esp on twitter and the iPhone) and I’ve lined up a killer week of guest posts to entertain all those financial minds of yours. We’ll be featuring all different sorts of bloggers, but one of my favorites comes from a friend of mine who’s a full-time professional poker player! That one’s for all you guys out there. And you too Annie Duke.

In all honesty, you might not even know I’m gone. I’ll be checking in on my baby the whole time whether you want me to or not because I’m *that* addicted ;) So have a great weekend everyone and keep those dollars in your pocket. I don’t wanna hear about any crazy splurges while I’m gone unless they’re on me! We’ll be in touch hookers…


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