The Cost of Being a Dude.

by J. Money on Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beauty vs. The BeastShaking The Money Tree had a post on the cost of being a girl, so I thought I’d rebuttal with the cost of being a guy ;) It was a bit tricky to calculate since I share a lot of this stuff with the Mrs., but I tried to be as accurate as possible.

Instead of splitting my costs in half, I calculated what it would cost me if I were out on my own but with the same products (which jacks up the price, mind you, but now I’m addicted to the “better stuff” anyways). I’m sure I’ll come across as super metro here, but it’s all good I’m not ashamed. I use body wash & hairspray, so what. A guy’s gotta look & feel good right? (don’t answer that)

The numbers on the left represent Jolie’s figures from 2008 – which I chose over ’09 since it’s juicier & I’d guess closer to the average anyways – and then mine are to the right. They’re also pro-rated to show monthly averages, and we’re really only talking about bathroom stuff here.


Bodywash – $2.46
Shampoo – $4.40
Conditioner – $4.40
Blush – $2.41
Eye Shadow – $2.98
Lipstick – $4.23
Toothpaste – $2.08
Fem. Products – $8.96
Deodorant – $5.94
Contact Solution – $8.88
Gel – $9.92
Razors – $5.99
Facewash – $7.11
Foundation – $11.47
Moisturizer – $19.97
Mascara – $7.47

MONTH TOTAL – $98.59


Bodywash – $3.00 (Caress)
Shampoo – $3.00 (Garnier)
Puff – $.50 (See, I’m addicted!)
Toothpaste – $2.50 (Crest)
Flossers – $5.50 (Reach)
Deodorant – $2.00 (Degree)
Hairspray – $3.50 (Salon Grafix)
Shaving Gel – $1.00 (Gillette)
Razors – $1.80 (Gillette Excel @ $18 10-pack)
Mouthwash – $4.00 (Act Anticavity)

MONTH TOTAL – $26.80

Would ya look at that! We men sure have it good. This is the first time I’ve ever seen it broken down before, and it’s pretty cool to check out. I know the numbers will fluctuate depending on your own situation (esp for those more rugged men), but it still gives us a good overall picture. It would be cool to see how it compares throughout the rest of our lifestyles too! Like with clothes, food, shopping, etc. I don’t know how much more you could break it down, but if anyone did the legwork I’d happily provide my numbers to you.

So there you have it: Beauty vs. The Beast! This doesn’t prove anything we didn’t already know, but hopefully you enjoyed it as much as I did. And to be fair, Jolie DID actually knock her monthly expenses down this year to $85.95, so we gotta give her mad props for that.

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