Win a pair of Tommy Bahama sunglasses! (Thx VSP)

by J. Money on Monday, October 12, 2009

tommy bahama giveaway

VSP Vision Care & BudgetsAreSexy is teaming up to bring you the “See Much More” Giveaway! One lucky winner will get their choice of Tommy Bahama sunglasses (men’s or women’s), and the rest will learn about keeping their eyes nice & healthy! Which, in turn, saves you money and keeps your pockets full :)

VSP Vision Care, the nation’s largest not-for-profit vision benefits and services company, created a site dedicated to spreading the good word on healthy eyes: You’ll find loads of great information on how valuable your vision is in all aspects of your life – personally, professionally, and physically – as well as tips for maintaining healthy eyes, videos, and fun games and apps.

I don’t wear glasses or sunglasses myself, but I’m a big fan of keeping those eyes as perfect as they can be. Many don’t know, but “computer vision syndrome” is one the most common work-related health complaints. And unfortunately one in four children have undetected vision problems :( That’s why everyone, both adults and children, bloggers and non-bloggers, should make sure to get annual eye exams!

The folks at VSP recommend starting this as early as six-months-old, and say it’s just as important as going to the dentist on a regular basis (and *that* I do know about, it’s not fun but it’s important – if you want to keep your teeth and all…) What’s more, preventative check-ups help to avoid additional trips to the doctor, saving you money!

Now, who wants a free pair of sunglasses? Entering the giveaway is easy:

  • Visit
  • Then just leave a comment telling us something you learned!

You do that, and you’ll be entered to win your choice of glasses :) I’ll hit up this Saturday, October 17th, and one lucky person will get their glasses. Here’s to healthy eyes!
UPDATE: Giveaway over – Click here to see the winner!

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