The $100 Scratch Off Lottery Project.

by J. Money - Published November 20, 2009

The $100 Scratch Off Lottery ProjectWelcome to this weekend’s $100 Lottery Project! I’m feeling feisty as ever right now, and thought I’d spice things up a bit by doing something ridiculously stupid. But also fun, exciting, silly, and rewarding all mixed into one.

As many of you know, I am a hardcore fan of scratch off lottery tickets. Not only do they pump me full of endorphins, but those lovely pieces of metallic paper allow me to escape into a dream-like world full of happiness & unicorns! Okay maybe not unicorns, but definitely ligors. For me, lotteries really are the best bang for a buck. (so long as you don’t get addicted)

I’ve wanted to do this for years now, but having a captive audience was all I needed ;)And I’ll have you know there were many behind the scenes here egging me on too (probably because it’s not their money we’re using! haha…). I shot out a feeler on Twitter and Facebook to gauge interest, and 25+ of you said to go for it! My favorite response: “You have the insanity of a manatee!” Yes. Yes I do.

The $100 Scratch Off Lottery Project:

  1. I march my crazy a$$ down to the local liquor store.
  2. I pick up 100 assorted $1 scratch-off lottery tickets. All random and spread out, No fun in hitting up the same kind 100 times over.
  3. I scratch each and every one of them off this weekend.(Amounting to orgasmic euphoria)
  4. I post up the results on Monday! The good, the bad, and the finger-hurtin’ ugly.
  5. I hand over all the winnings to charity :) In particularly, Project Hopeful – A charity that encourages, educates, and enables families to adopt children with HIV/Aids (and a charity that is near & dear to my friend Jessica, who I admire very much).

I’ve also started collecting guesses as to what people think we’ll be winning. So far we have $76 and $87, and my guess is somewhere around $125 – but I’m hoping for $2.00. Care to add your own?

So Stay tuned for Monday’s results! And wish me luck too. You kinda sorta have to since it’s all going to charity ;) The more we win, the better we/I/everyone feels! Oh, and I almost forgot – this $100 is coming straight out of my “entertainment budget.” I can’t be too irresponsible now can I?
UPDATE: I couldn’t help but to chime in and say THANK YOU to all who have decided to match our winnings! I am blown away by your generosity, and I’m sure Project Hopeful will be just as please to hear the good news :) A shout out to the matchers: JerryB, Sid, Forest, Michele, RainyDaySaver, and Brad.

UPDATE: The results are in!!! Check it out.


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