Battle of the Sexes: Women & Their Shoes

by J. Money on Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Money or Shoes?Today marks a special day. A day when men get to make fun of women, and women try to make fun of men (they do like to try, don’t they?).

Yup, welcome to the Battle of The Sexes my friends! Brought to you by Debt Ninja, Fabulously Broke, Krystal at work, and yours truly – J to the motha f’in Money.

Today’s topic: Why being the opposite sex is bad for your financial situation.

I must admit, at first I was a little leery about doing another man vs. women post since I’m a huge fan of the ladies (ow ow!), but after Fabulously Broke started talking smack I got my game face on and now here we are – laughing about how much money you women blow on shoes! (and by women, I mean the “average” women, not you fine frugal folks, right?). If I had a dollar for every pair of shoes my lady friends have, I could have gone three rounds of my $100 Lottery Project!

I did a little recon work and realized your closets are slammed full of these bad boys. I knew you had more than us cavemen do, but good golly o’molly – it’s like a miniature mall in there! High heels, low heels, rain boots, snow boots, shoes falling apart, shoes that have never been worn, sandals, slippers, ballet shoes, what the what? As stunning as they make you feel (and look, I will admit), women sure like giving up the money for ’em.

In fact, it’s even more mesmerizing lining up the differences like so:


Pair of tennis shoes (2 maybe?)
Pair or two of dress shoes
Pair of boots
Pair of sandals
Pair of cleats


Pair(s) of running shoes
Pairs of casual sneakers (3)
Flats (at *least* 5 pairs)
Classic black pumps
Low heels
mid-sized heels
high-heels (black, 2 pairs)
high-heels (non-black, 3 pairs)
Strappy dress shoes
Open-toed dress shoes
Dress boots (black)
Dress boots (brown)
Stripper boots
Rain boots
Snow boots
Ugg boots
Boots without heels
Boots that don’t even look like boots
Gladiator sandals
Platform sandals
Mules (wtf?)
Ballet slippers (even though not IN ballet)
Comfy slippers

When it comes down to it, the average women spends a crap ton on shoes – much less than us man species. And on underwear too come to think of it (lingerie anyone?). Unfortunately I must stop there for fear of retribution from the Mrs….It has certainly been a while since I last picked her up something purrty. Which, btw, is something I firmly believe in men taking care of every once in a while. Nothing says I Love You like some black laced undergarments ;)

So, women of the internets, what say you about these shoe habits? Am I horribly off-base? Are you at least picking them up on 50%+ discounts? (Please say yes…please say yes)

After you comment, be sure to check out the other battlers of the sexers today – I’m sure they have something just as feisty to say about us behemoths:

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