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Quick Holiday Roundup!

by J. Money on Saturday, December 26, 2009

For those who already need a break from their family ;) Here are some of this week’s best articles (in my opinion!) and those carnivals I participated in. This should keep you entertained for a while…then get back to enjoying your free time!

  1. Twas the night before Christmas @ Suburban Dollar (FUNNY!)
  2. 7 Lies we tell ourselves about money @ I Will Teach You To Be Rich.
  3. The best advice you’ll ever get: Hang out with rich people! @ Quicksprout
  4. From Mainstreet to Meanstreet: Conversations with The Homeless @ Downturn Living
  5. Wanna buy a beer company together? @ My Money Blog (YES!)
  6. How I Escaped The Rat Race @ Christian PF
  7. Best Personal Finance Practices of 2009 @ Mrs. Micah
  8. On Dying, Mothers, and Fighting for Your Ideas @ Copyblogger


  1. Carnival of Personal Finance – “Parts-of-speech abuse” ed. by Mighty Bargain Hunter.
  2. Festival of Frugality #209 – “My Birthday Sucks” ed. by Studenomics.
  3. Carnivals of Money Stories – hosted by Almost Frugal.
  4. Money Hacks Carnival #96 – “The Holiday Edition” by Own The Dollar.

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