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by J. Money - Last updated April 2, 2010

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I’ve mentioned before that I’ve got my phalanges in a variety of projects around town, and one of these has just launched! I’m no founding father, but I do believe it’s going to change a lot of lives so I’m excited to be a contributing writer :)

Baker over at Man vs. Debt summed up the site perfectly, so I am stealing from him: is a multi-author site focused on helping GenY’ers answer that one burning question… “What the hell am I gonna do with my life?” Content will fall into Business/Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, Mobile Lifestyle, and Self Improvement categories.

Excited? No? Well check out the Free UNTEMPLATER Manifesto the founders pulled together. It’s a great snapshot of what you can expect from Untemplater, and will hopefully inspire change in ya.


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