September 2010

Is MonaVie Juice a Scam?

September 30, 2010

(By Lazy Man — I’d like to thank J. Money for giving me a stage to tell my story for the day. I am the man behind Lazy Man and Money, a personal finance blog somewhat similar to Budgets are Sexy.) MonaVie and Me One day my wife came home and told me that she had been introduced to a juice called MonaVie at a […]

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Is it too early for me to purchase my first home?

September 29, 2010

Time to help a reader out! Been getting a lot of similar questions like this lately, so figured I’d pass this along in case any of you are thinking about it too :)  And to be quite honest, I think I’m wayyyyy too jaded with home ownership right now to give a non-biased opinion! Haha… So when you’re done reading, maybe you can chime in […]

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Remember when gas was like $5/gallon?

September 28, 2010

And everyone was freaking out and saying it was the death of SUVs and get ready for $10/gallon?  Hahahahaha…. Oh man, our society is so crazy sometimes.  I haven’t heard a peep about our dependency on oil in over 2 years now. (Watch, next week it explodes in my face and we’re back at $60 fill-ups again!) But I will say that it’s good to […]

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5 Things I Kinda Feel Bad About

September 27, 2010

I started this post in November of 2009, but for whatever reason it seemed I didn’t want to finish it (not one of the things I feel bad about, btw ;)).  I think it had to do with not thinking these were all that exciting, mixed with really feeling guilty. And probably more so on the latter. (Who likes admitting to thousands of people they […]

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When you’re on the right track…

September 24, 2010

You know when everything is rolling smoothly? When you can’t believe how good your fortune is? When you’re plans are actually WORKING and going in your favor? These are all signs you’re on the right track. It doesn’t happen all too often, but when it does you know it.  And it happens with both big and small things too (saving for an emergency fund, switching […]

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Kiva – The Rock Stars of Microfinancing!

September 23, 2010

I’m officially a Kiva member! It took me only about 2 years since first hearing about ’em, but I’m now lending and feeling damn good about it. If you recall from Twitter, I had met a partner of Kiva on my plane ride out to Poland and was enthralled before he could finish his 3rd sentence :)  This guy lived and breathed helping people!  In […]

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“Easy For Me to Say”

September 22, 2010

Every now and then I get told my advice is “easy for me to say” cuz I have a lot of money saved up. Well of course it’s easy for me to say – I’m the one living through it all! :)  It doesn’t mean you’re gonna have the same results as me, or that you’ll even like what I’m saying, but it’s still what […]

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Don’t Go Shopping While Drunk.

September 20, 2010
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Sometimes when you get home from work, all you want is a beer or glass of wine. Totally cool.  But if you plan on going out shopping afterward, a word to the wise:  BE CAREFUL! There’s nothing like a few drinks to get your wallet all loosey goosey. And that’s exactly what happened to me the other night.  I wasn’t totally off my rocker, but […]

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Today I feel _______ towards money.

September 17, 2010

Saw this over at My Pretty Pennies this week and couldn’t help but to copy it ;) It’s Friday after all, and it’s just so fun! (and by fun, I mean very very nerd-like and something you only do online so none of your “real life” friends catch you.) Plus, it’s always good to take a fresh look at how your week is going with […]

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