December 2011

Your Mission This Weekend: Get Those Last Minute Tax Deductions!

December 30, 2011

Maaaaaan, can you believe it’s already the end of 2011??  What a freakin fast year!  And of course, we can’t close it out without us personal finance bloggers having some last words on tax deductions ya know ;)  It’s part of our jobs! So if you’ve been putting off all those clothes/money donations this whole year, it’s time to pay attention.  You’ve got 2 whole […]

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Godiva or Gumballs?

December 29, 2011

(Guest Post by Barbara “Babs” Wagner – who once told us what old people know about money) One day I was at the mall with my two small sons and we passed a Godiva chocolate store. I don’t know why, but I said “let’s go in and get a treat.” I let each boy look at all the chocolates and choose “just one.” After much […]

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It’s New Year’s Resolutions time! Whatcha got this year?

December 28, 2011

Y’all do okay w/ last year’s? You gonna pick the same ones cuz you forgot all year long? Haha… I’m gonna go back and search through my old posts now for mine (one of the pros of blogging is that it’s all recorded!). Okay here we are…. it looks like I just had ONE for 2011, which is good cuz it was the only one […]

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I Bought My First Piece of Art!

December 27, 2011

You like it? How much do you think I spent on it? (I’ll tell you at the end of the post ;)) I had absolutely no intention of spending ANYTHING the night I picked this up, but the second I locked eyes on it I KNEW I had to get it for my blogger den! :) I didn’t even know it was for sale at […]

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It’s My Birthday And I Can Shop If I Want To ;)

December 26, 2011

I probably won’t, but it’s okay if I do! Haha… actually, every year I look forward to walking around downtown where I grew up, and just spending time w/ the family :) We walk into about 10+ stores (mainly book and antique ones), but I rarely come away with anything particular on these trips. Except for happy tummies full of tea and croissants, and a […]

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Last Minute Xmas Shopping? Uh-Ohs…

December 23, 2011

It seems I have pushed it to the very end this year – I’m still only 50% finished with Christmas gifts! Yikes… and I’m literally in Wisconsin right now working my way back home to the DC area in time for a nice dinner and party w/ the family… which means I’ll only have ONE day left now to shop – Christmas Eve! Haha… Wow. […]

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How I Lost A Fortune Getting Out of Debt

December 22, 2011

(Guest Post by Todd R. Tresidder — A great guy with a rather interesting take on his self-proclaimed “mistake” — I don’t know if I’d call it that, but how do YOU see it?) I thought it was a smart move, but I guess I still had a few things to learn. The plan seemed simple enough on the surface. I would buy a little […]

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Mythbusters: Extreme Couponing

December 21, 2011

(Article by Kelly Gurnett – an awesome blogger friend of mine who is all kinds of creative!  I’m out in Milwaukee for the last Love Drop right now so treat her well! :)) I’ll admit.  I’ve been sucked in by the show Extreme Couponing. I already consider myself a fairly accomplished couponer.  My top tips and strategies have netted me a nice little stockpile over […]

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“Need Help Figuring Out College!”

December 20, 2011

Hi guys! First off, in case I haven’t said it enough, THANK YOU from the bottom of my soon-to-be-parent’s heart for all the love and congratulations you sent over from yesterday’s news — you made the Mrs. and I feel SO SPECIAL!! Seriously, you blew us out of the water with all the kindness and advice you guys sent over – we REALLY appreciate it […]

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December 19, 2011

[UPDATE: It’s gonna be a boy!] WOWWWWWW!!! I finally get to tell everyone!! Do you know how long I’ve been keeping this hidden for??? Exactly 12 weeks and a day :) Which my wife specifically told me to keep hush just in case something bad happens to him/her in that 1st trimester (for those who don’t know about baby stuff, like me, it’s when they’re […]

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This Week’s 11 Giveaway Winners! (And Dell Coupon!)

December 18, 2011

I apologize in advance making this so short, but it seems someone gave me the flu this weekend and I don’t know how much longer I have until I have to log off again (this is my 3rd time trying to post this bad boy up – bleh). But at least it’s the holidays coming up and we’ll be back to relaxing again! :) Here […]

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GIVEAWAY FINALE: An HP Envy 14 “Beats” Laptop!!

December 16, 2011

We saved the biggest for last, baby! I told you it was gonna be awesome, yo! :) A brand spankin’ new Dr. Dre inspired slick A$$ HP Envy 14 Beats Laptop from the kids over at Dealzon – perfect for you or a loved one!  (Esp if they like music) And it’ll soon belong to one of YOU lucky bastards… I tried to get one […]

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Day #4: The Amex and Learnvest $400 Giveaway!

December 15, 2011
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Yup! Another $400 of American Express goodness coming your way – it’s a Free Cash Week, baby! :) And this time we partner up with Ogiilvy PR and LearnVest to help spread the joy on this giveaway day. They’re working with a great life coach named Christine Hassler, and she’s on standby ready to get your questions!  So continue reading, my friends, today’s giveaway starts […]

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Day #3.8 – $25 Gift Card to Ta Ta Ta TJ Maxx!

December 14, 2011

Haha… Gotta love some TJ Maxx action!  Or even Marshalls for that matter – you could use the card at either place :) And just to make sure the cards worked, I used one for myself and picked up 4 presents already.  All for under $25, crazy!  That piggy bank up there was one of them ($4.99 – which I kept myself ;) 1 for […]

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