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Random Financial Nuggets…

by J. Money on Friday, February 24, 2012

bringing budgets back t-shirt and visa black card
  • I wore my “I’m Bringing Budgets Back” T-shirt out in the real world for the first time ever, and 2 whole people smiled at me when they saw it :) If you can convince me that you’ll wear one too, I’ll see if Brad can make us some more! [UPDATE: Now for sale!!]
  • I have a Visa Black Card offer sitting on my desk right now. The one that costs $500/year and made with carbon. It gives you all kinds of VIP access to places and things, but as much as I really REALLY want to give it a shot and see what happens, my fiscally conservative side is gearing up to punch me in the face :(
  • We bought the most comfortable sleeper sofa EVER last night!  It’ll be going in my Blogger Lair right next to the pimp library, and will then turn my office into a guest bedroom as well.  Since someone who shall not be named (but who’s the cutest unborn thing in the entire world!) will be moving into the original bedroom soon ;)  It cost $599, and 1/2 of it was paid for by selling off old furniture on Craigslist. (Update: we bought it at Bob’s Discount Furniture)
  • Remember last week’s post on wasting money? Here’s another to add to the list: 24k gold SHOELACES for $19,000. They’ll even be hand delivered to you by their personal security guard :)
  • We completed our first trip to Safeway WITHOUT being charged 5 cents a bag! Woohoo!  It cost us over $15 to buy NEW & sturdy ones that we can leave in our car for future shopping trips, but at least we’re now getting into the habit of things over here :)  This new rule isn’t as bad as I originally thought.
  • USAA won’t stop tempting me with their Mercedez Benz promos every time I log into their site…
  • We wasted $5.99 worth of pasta last night when we went to go cook it, and it came out pretty nasty looking :(  Are you all pretty good about returning *food*?  We always say we’re gonna do it, and then end up forgetting about it and just chucking.
  • My wife gave me this awesome currency gift for Christmas last Dec.  Pretty sweet, huh?
  • It’s Friday, which means I’ll be spending money on beer tonight :) If it’s in the budget, it’s good!
  • This is the first post ever written entirely in bullet points.
  • What’s a random thing going on your life right now?

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