October 2012

What It Means If Your Palms Are Itchy ;)

October 12, 2012

For the last 48 hours, Mrs. BudgetsAreSexy has been dealing with a crazy itchy right palm. At first she thought it was just a bug bite or something and would go away after a couple of minutes, but here we are hours and hours later and it’s still driving her nuts. So she decided to do what all of us do when trying to solve […]

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Girls Care About Money, Guys Care About Looks. Here’s Why Girls Get Screwed On Dating Sites.

October 11, 2012
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(Article today by Kathryn C. of MSCheatSheet.com) If I had to choose between two guys: one who makes $250,000 per year and was just “ok” looking, and the other who makes around $60,000 per year but was “hot”, I’d choose the guy with the cash. I know…. I’m so superficial right? This is the truth though according to a few researchers from University of Chicago and […]

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3 Things I Cannot Help You With :)

October 10, 2012

I’ve been getting a lot of strange requests in my inbox lately, so I thought I’d put this all out there for anyone else confusing me for someone other than J. Money Blogger Extraordinaire ;) I’m plum afraid I can’t hook you up with anything outside of personal finance and/or entrepreneurship – although I wish I could! Some of the stuff y’all are asking me about […]

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Getting Creative At The Workplace (And w/ Salaries!)

October 9, 2012

I have a friend who likes to push the boundaries with everything he does, especially in the work force. If this guy wants to do something – or better yet CHANGE something – he’s no stranger to standing up and going for it :) And usually he wins. Why? Because he thinks BIG PICTURE and formulates a killer game plan before every mode of attack. […]

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Upromise… Not To Forget Me? (Again?)

October 8, 2012
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Boy… it’s been 3 and 1/2 years since I last thought about these guys… And 5 years since I first signed UP to Upromise! Yikes. Want to know my grand total earned with them so far? Are you sure you’ll be able to handle the awesomeness? Haha… A whopping $12.71!  Woohoo! I’m gonna get a nice edumacation for my son! ;) Though to be fair, […]

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Money Love Letter by SlackerJo

October 5, 2012

Remember my call out for doodled dollars and money motivation? Well, some of them are now starting to come in! And y’all are getting super creative up in here! Check out the first one to kick off this project below. While it’s technically not what I had in mind when first thinking up this idea, it’s certainly much COOLER by far :) I’d freak out […]

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Side Hustle Series: I Build Online Design Sites

October 4, 2012
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(Guest Post by John Shaver, as part of our Side Hustle Series) As a graphic and web designer by trade, people often present me with “the next big online idea.” The only catch is that they want me to do all the work for free, and then take only half of the profit once it “makes millions.” I won’t get into all the reasons I […]

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Net Worth Update: $331,530.72 (Increase of $30k!)

October 3, 2012

Man, what a ride… We’ve gone from one of our lows in recent history, all the way up to our new personal record! I love it :) Check out this horseshoe pattern: Apr: $315,258 May: $301,195 Jun: $284,665 Jul: $296,797 Aug: $300,032 Sep: $331,530 (Now) Six months to get our net worth up by $15Gs – doesn’t seem as impressive as this month’s $31k jump, […]

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You Should Totally Buy This ;)

October 2, 2012

“Liquid Money” cologne, haha… For all those ballers out there! “Packed in real shredded US dollar bills, His Money is a woody-fresh fragrance paired with the unique aroma of newly-printed bills. Powerful and fresh aquatic notes are crowned with hints of green grass, intense rosemary, and a twist of citrus underscored by aromatic blonde woods. Mist onto skin and revel in the bliss of success. […]

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The Month I Become a Stay At Home Dad :)

October 1, 2012

Whelp, starting this week I become a stay-at-home dad every Tuesday and Thursday! A dream of mine finally come true, only without any “poker time” with the guys or the outside freedom to do as I please since I’ll still be the main provider of the house! Haha… But the additional 40/50 hour workweek aside, it’s still gonna be one hell of an adventure :) […]

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