November 2012

Return of The Googleizer!

November 30, 2012

Has it really been a YEAR since we last did this? That’s incredible…Back then I was baby-less and full of sleep! ;) So even better that we do another one of these today for all you newbies to the site to enjoy, and also so you can see how us bloggers have fun in our spare time, haha… Reminds me of when I used to […]

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Lessons Learned From Today’s Failed Guest Post…

November 29, 2012

When your article pisses off more people than it helps, it’s failed. In the future remember that side hustles are more about the job over the product – something I grossly missed with this one. If you ever start or join an MLM business, make sure the products are cheaper, verified better, and that you take the MLM part out ;) Trust your gut. And […]

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10 Things I’m Doing When I Win This $500 Million…

November 28, 2012

Welp, my non-lottery playing record of 7 months in a row has just grinded to a halt! As soon as I heard Powerball was over the $450 Million mark it was “all in” from there, haha… and three days later it’s now over $500 MILLION!! A new record! (And likely to go up even more throughout the day…) So instead of picking up just one […]

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Win My Darth Vader Piggy Bank!

November 27, 2012

What up, what up my sexy little friends! Any of y’all like Star Wars or Darth Vader? How about a handful of free coins?? ;) I’ve had this Darth Vader piggy bank sitting in the corner of my house for over two years now, and every time I see it I ask myself why the heck I’m still holding on to it. Even though it […]

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The Millionaire Mailman?

November 26, 2012

An interesting thing happens when you’re taking care of a child all day long – you end up going outside as much as possible in order to try and interact with other adults :) If you’re good with timing you’ll know when everyone’s out and about to increase your odds of some good interaction, and if not you’ll have to hop in the car and […]

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Better or Worse Than 4 Years Ago?

November 23, 2012

Gooooood morning you crazy Thanksgiving’ers and Black Friday’ers! Y’all make it in one piece this morning? Still hungover with food and/or alcohol and/or deals? Haha… Well lucky for you the weekend’s almost here and it’s time to relax! :) Before you do though, I thought it would be fun to answer some of these survey questions I found over at Kiplinger’s the other week, and […]

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Happy Napsgiving!

November 22, 2012

Also, watch the Redskins whip up on some Cowboys! ;) HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! (Art by jelene)

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7 Things I’d Rather Do Than Shop on Black Friday

November 21, 2012

As you probably know by now, Black Friday is right around the corner. But as exciting as that sounds to the retail industry – and possibly you? – there’s about a million OTHER things some of us would rather do than wake up at 3 a.m. and stand in line to get the newest Tickle Me Elmo (wait, what’s that? They’re not popular anymore? Okay […]

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Amazon and My New Swamp Lizard!

November 20, 2012

How’s THAT for a title? ;) And luckily the tool I wanna share with y’all today is just as juicy too! At least with the way I operate my Amazon addiction… I swear it seems I buy EVERYTHING there now – remember when it was only about books? (Or am I dating myself there? Haha…) If you pay for Amazon Prime, then this won’t apply […]

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The “Sticky Note” Way of Budgeting

November 19, 2012

For someone who has “budgets” in their name, I sure don’t talk about them that often ;) But probably because I’ve done enough of it earlier in the years that I now tend to post things up only when I see something different or exciting or unique. Which happens to be today! (Lucky you!) A lovely commenter by the name of Cat shared a good […]

21 comments [Check out the full article] Cyber Monday Scavenger Hunt – Clue #2

November 17, 2012

Good afternoon my sexy little couponers! It’s a good day to be stopping by our blog as we’ve got a KILLER contest for y’all today! :) If you like scavenger hunts and/or want free gift card money to your local Target store, then listen up! As part of‘s Cyber Monday Scavenger Hunt, the first 10 people to figure out this clue below will EACH […]

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Would You Have Gone Back and Paid For It?

November 16, 2012

You know those times when you REALLY want to be bad and disregard that little angel sitting there on your shoulders? But you know for a fact the Big Man upstairs would give you one of those disappointed-like head shakes if you did? Well, Mrs. BudgetsAreSexy just had one such situation, and I believe she made the right decision even though it pained her to […]

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What Would A $40,000 Raise Feel Like?

November 15, 2012

(Guest Post by Travis of Enemy of Debt) Imagine coming into work Monday morning, and being informed by your boss that your yearly salary is being increased by $40,000. Doing some rough estimating, after Uncle Sam takes 25% you’re left with a cool $30,000, which works out to an additional $2500 per month. How would you feel? What kind of impact would that make on […]

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The 6 Best (And Highest Paying!) Jobs in America

November 14, 2012

CNN Money just came out with their latest snapshot on the best new jobs in America right now, and not surprisingly none of them were in my own 30+ gig work history ;) I don’t know the methodology they used to come up with these 6 favorites of theirs – they kinda just plopped ’em on up htere – but either way I thought you’d […]

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