Who Won the $200 Christmas Stimulus You Ask?

by J. Money - Published December 18, 2012

Pipe down over there, I’m about to tell ya ;) The lucky winner of the 4th Annual Christmas Stimulus 2012 presented by J. Money and Brad Chaffee, and who will be receiving $200 smackers to Amazon this year is…. and who also better buy his/her mom something nice for bringing him/her INTO this world of ours is…. bum bum bum…. Hey, when was the last time I you a joke? Have you ever heard the one about the jump rope? Ahh, never mind just skip it ;)

Okay okay, the winner of the 200 bones to Amazon, and who will also be treating their significant other to something  nice as well as their mom is… bum bum bum… Hey Roger – do we have any commercial breaks to get into here? No? Okay okay… we’ll announce who the winner is finally then…. bum bum  bum… Are you ready?  Will it be you? Well, we’re about to find out! The lucky winner of the 4th Annual Christmas Stimulus 2012 presented by J$ and Bradley Chaffee is… bum bum bum… Ryan Smith! Congrats! Now don’t go spending it all in one spot ;)

Happy holidays everyone, thanks SO MUCH for being a part of our BudgetsAreSexy family!



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