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Weekly Roundup: Naps, Quicksand, and The White House

by J. Money on Friday, January 25, 2013

Hot damn did this week go by fast! I swear it still feels like a Monday or Tuesday up in here, jeez… But Friday it is! Which means it’s time to share some of my favorite posts/sites from the week in preparation for taking an educational break over the weekend ;) I hope some of these infuse you with some new knowledge!

Blog o’ the week: Snowball in Hawaii. Where Andi (or, “Snowball”) is on a mission to pay down all $127,161 of her student loan debt – ouch. On the other hand it means we’ll be hearing a lot from her over the days/months/years!  ;) Stop on over and give her some words of encouragement…

Other favorite reads this week:

Pages from my other projects:

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