January 2014

There’s Always Something.

January 13, 2014

This seems to be post #3 in the new health series of my life, to which I have aptly labeled “your body is getting older than your mind.” Or, how I’m REALLY feeling about it right now, “Watch out! Your body is trying to kill you!!!” For those new to the site, you can read about the start of this adventure here: My goal to […]

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5 Money Saving Challenges to Try

January 10, 2014

[This article was written in Jan of 2014, but will be updated with awesome new challenges as I come across new ones… They never expire, so pick one out and get stated TODAY!] Hey guys! Just participated in a cool guidebook on new year’s resolutions a friend recently launched, and thought I’d share some of my savings challenges I included in it. Mixed with some […]

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How I Travel the World for Pennies

January 9, 2014
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[The following is an AWESOME post by my new friend, Geoff Whitmore, over at Noob Traveler. We met at last year’s FINCON and him and his team are doing big things over there. Namely, teaching others how to game the travel system :) Enjoy!] I’m just an ordinary guy, but I need to GO  When I tell people I’ve traveled to Thailand, Singapore, Ireland, France, […]

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Answer This Question for a Chance to Win $5,000

January 8, 2014

How will you live rich, while spending smartly in 2014? If you have an answer, I have the perfect giveaway for you :) But only if you like $5,000 in cash and/or a financial makeover (not to be confused with “make out”) with David Bach. You know, the guy who wrote The Automatic Millionaire. And if that’s not convincing enough I don’t know what drugs […]

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Net Worth Update: $443,561.57 [Up $6,000]

January 7, 2014

And just like that, we wrap up another 12 months of exciting net worth tracking… That was fast! (And shows that taking stuff bit by bit pays off in the end! Literally!). If you’re not tracking your worth yet, I really recommend it. So in a year you can feel just as sexy as the rest of us do right now ;) The *habit* of […]

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A Date With The Dentist

January 6, 2014

So as part of my “being an adult” new year’s resolution, I made a date with both my dentist and my doctor a couple of weeks ago. Which included a) Finding one that seemed legit, b) scheduling the appointments (after making sure they accept my insurance, of course) and finally c) showing up. It’s that last part that’s the least fun :( But, I sucked […]

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Are You Being Financially Bullied? Take This Quiz.

January 3, 2014

Happy Friday, lovers! You’ve probably seen this article/quiz floating around the interwebs by now (I’m a bit slow, what can I say), but in the off chances you haven’t I thought it made for some good stuff to think about over the weekend. And, with life in general for that matter. I hadn’t heard of *financial* bullying, per se, until I read this article over […]

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All The Money I’ve Earned (and Spent) In My Lifetime

January 2, 2014

[Guest author today, Jacob Wade, from IHeartBudgets.com] At 27 years old, I have now hit the 11-year mark in my working career. I have had almost a dozen jobs (nowhere near J. Money’s 30+ jobs!), and have slowly worked my way up to a passable salary at a job I enjoy. As someone who once blew through $100,000 in 2 short years, I have always […]

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Where’s Your Ferrari?

January 1, 2014

A quick reminder to use time to your advantage :) Courtesy of an awesome post I read over at The Motley Fool – Happy New Year! There’s an old story about a guy taking a smoke break with his non-smoking colleague. “How long have you been smoking for?” the colleague asks. “Thirty years,” says the smoker. “Thirty years!” marvels the co-worker. “That costs so much […]

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