March 2014

Stamp’in My Way to Millions??

March 31, 2014

By now most of you know how much I love me some antique stuff. Whether it’s sexy coins, baseball cards, books, baby prams, or any other interesting collectibles I come across at yard sales and thrift shops. Most times I usually look to add stuff to my own collection, but others I’m out on the hunt for items to flip and (hopefully) make a tidy […]

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Flirty Friday: Coining, Hiding, and Tickling

March 28, 2014

Good morning ladies and gents. It’s your captain speaking, Mr. Money. Today we have a smorgasbord of links and info for ya, so please grab your coffees, get comfy, and enjoy the awesomeness that’s about to follow… Questions, comments, concerns – you can find me in the back smoking a pipe. Best place my money went to this week: $140 for a handful of old […]

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Side Hustle Series #49: I’m a Virtual Assistant

March 27, 2014

[Guest article today by Melody, as part of our Side Hustle Series. Who not only lives on a freakin’ boat (!!!), but who’s also rockin’ a nice side hustle on TOP of her 9-5. A pretty interesting setup if you ask me – and hopefully you enjoy this as much as I did :)] A few years ago, my significant other Chris and I had […]

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One-on-One with Extreme Couponer (and of Bachelorette Fame), Chrystie Vachon!

March 26, 2014

That’s right. I said “extreme couponer” and “bachelorette” in the same sentence :) Because any of you who watch either will recognize Chrystie in a second with her trademark tattoos and feistiness. All stuff that made me reach out to her for this interview! (You’re welcome.) But for those who may be out of this “cool” group who’s “in the know” (I freely admit I’m […]

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The Power of Writing Down Goals

March 25, 2014

Just got this email from a reader of the blog. I think you’ll appreciate it :) I just wanted to comment about the power of writing goals down. For the first time this year, I wrote down eight financial goals I wanted to achieve by the end of the year. They were: Pay off two credit cards (both already at 0%) Save up and pay […]

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The Grand Finale of The Baby $$$ Tracker!

March 24, 2014

Whelp friends, the time has come to stop tracking all the money our baby has eaten over his lifetime, *tear*. I just can’t keep up with it all, and there’s no way in hell I’m gonna be sorting through TWO babies expenditures to figure out whose is whose in a couple months, bleh… But while I didn’t make it to the 18 years I originally […]

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Would You Rather…

March 21, 2014

As a blogger, we get pitched a LOT from companies/organizations/spammers and all kinds of scammers. Everyone vying for your attention in hopes you open up their emails andshare all their amazing words with your readers. (Yes, that was sarcasm) 99.98% of them get deleted. But, every now and then you get a fun one like I’m about to share with you today :) One that […]

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I’m Not Normal, I’m in the Military

March 20, 2014

[The following is an awesome guest article by Kalen from Who gives us an in-depth look at a career in the military, as well as the finances behind it. Hoo-rah!] You know how military stories usually begin: There I was. [Insert Basic Training Location]. [Insert year]. We’ve all heard it. So why do they always begin with Basic Training? Because it’s… the beginning. And because […]

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It’s 5 am – Do You Know Where Your Credit Card Info Is?

March 19, 2014

For the second dang time in the same dang month, I’ll have to update my freakin’ dang credit card info across all the sites it’s freakin’ attached to. If you ever want to annoy the piss out of yourself, throw your card out the window right now and then request a new one :) We’ll commiserate together! But, luckily all this bitching comes with a […]

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The Power of Compounding. Or, How 1 Penny Doubling Every Day Turns Into $10 Million by Day #31.

March 18, 2014

Last week I came across two very interesting articles, both surrounding the power of compounding. The first was by Broke Millennial titled “An Impassioned Plea for Understanding Compound Interest” and it was a great refresher on how the math works behind it all. (As well as how simple the basic foundations of growing wealth is!) The second article, which I just recently stumbled across, was […]

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What Do You Do With Your “Extra” Money?

March 17, 2014

That was an EXCELLENT question I got from a reader recently, and it’s one most of us often wonder about ourselves. And one that usually means we’re doing pretty well too :) The people asking this question are currently at #3 of the Cash Flow Categories™: You’re losing money every month/paycheck You’re breaking even every month/paycheck You have more money coming in than coming out […]

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March 14, 2014

Yep – I went out and did it. I created that coin collecting blog I’ve been flirting with! I know you’ve been on pins and needles over the past few weeks just waiting, so today’s your lucky day ;) And, by lucky, I mean your choice of “nerdy” or “boring” – depending on what excites you in the morning… Regardless though, go check out my […]

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True Story: I Lived on a Cruise Ship

March 13, 2014

[I’ve got a fun story for y’all today :) I found out one of my blogging friends, Mel, once lived and worked on a cruise ship (!!), and she was kind enough to elaborate on it for us. Perhaps next time we’ll feature her story on joining the circus for a year?!] Some people do crazy things like recycle their toilet paper to save a […]

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6 [Hilarious] Ways To Quit Your Job

March 12, 2014

Here are a bunch of AWESOME ways to quit your job… … If you’ve got another one lined up … Or a side hustle that’s kicking ass … And by “kicking ass” I mean “making enough money to replace your day job so you don’t end up in a van down by the river“ … If you’ve got the balls the size of Texas … […]

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