July 2014

Car Insurance Challenge Rocked: I Now Pay $20/mo :)

July 30, 2014

15 Minutes can save you 15% on your car insurance? Pshhhh… Try 47%! Yup, in continuation of our Challenge Everything mantra, I am now officially saving money on our car insurance now too :) Now dropping my already low premium of $39.54/mo down to $20.99/mo with USAA. For literally making a 15 minute phone call. (Actually a 14 mins and 59 seconds call to be […]

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Snatch Up Your Long Lost Money!!

July 28, 2014

This is going to sound scammy*, I know, but millions of people are missing out on billions of dollars they’ve forgotten about over the years. $58 Billion to be exact (as of Jan, 2013). And today I’m happy to report that number just dropped by $355.38! Woohoo! That’s my wife’s check above she just claimed from the great state of Maryland this weekend :) How […]

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It’s Not About The Money…

July 25, 2014

I caught myself saying something pretty lame the other day, making me then feel old as balls: “The younger generation doesn’t appreciate money these days.” It seemed accurate in the context of our conversation, but then again I could be totally wrong. After all, what does a guy in his mid-30’s know about being in his early 20s again? He can’t even remember his 21st […]

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“Cash In a Box” – My SNL Parody Debut

July 23, 2014

Just call me the next Justin Timberlake, baby! Or, rather, just never call me again, haha… What you’re about to watch is really really bad – I’m not kidding. And I’m not talking about just the ghetto quality either. I wouldn’t be surprised if your computer screens cracked mid-way through watching ;) But when I heard there was a contest to win $1,000 for just […]

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My Flat Tipping Rule: Everyone Gets 20%

July 21, 2014

5 years ago I decided to try out a new tipping rule. Instead of always trying to figure out how much to tip someone, I decided it will be a flat 20% no matter what to save me both time and frustration. Even when I get shitty service. The results so far? I’m a Freakin’ Genius. 5 years down and I honestly couldn’t be happier […]

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You Will Read These Money Jokes AND LIKE THEM!

July 18, 2014

If you’ve been following me on Twitter this week – and you really should be, Sexy Pants – you’ll notice I’ve reverted back to my high school days of telling jokes again. Some of these gems have included, “Why do the Irish keep their money in banks? (Because it’s Dublin!)” and “Why do accountants make good lovers? (Because they’re great with figures!)”. Now some of […]

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Do You Have Money Left Over Each Month?

July 16, 2014

The whole point of budgeting, besides getting an A from yours truly, is to figure out how much “extra” you’re playing with every month. When all your bills are paid, how much do you have left over? Or an even better question to ask yourself – is there *anything*? As crazy as it sounds, your boy J. never cared about budgets until just a few […]

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Republic Wireless Review: How I’m Saving $100/mo on Our Cell Bill!

July 14, 2014

You know those questions where people ask you if you could only take one thing to a desert island, what would it be? Well, for me it’s always been my iPhone. The one thing that connects me to the world which I could never live without (*ahem* #firstworldproblems). But lately, you see, I’ve had an epiphany and realized that it’s not the iPhone per se […]

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They Can Never Take It Away

July 11, 2014

Today’s a quick tip to remind you that no one can ever take away your accomplishments. Once you’ve done something brilliant – whether in life or career, or even money – it’s yours. Forever. That time you got promoted? You earned it. That time you flew to Africa? Banked memories. Those $10Gs of debt you just paid off? Party time! Once you’ve accomplished something great, […]

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Un-Automating Your Finances Has Its Place Too

July 9, 2014

“Automating your money is the bees knees” – every financial expert ever If there’s two things you can count on in the world of personal finance, it’s that spending your money on coffee is dumb, and automating your finances is smart. While I can’t say I agree on the first one on the list (pauses to sip his Panera Bread coffee he just “blew” $2.25 […]

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Anyone Can Buy That

July 7, 2014
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For years I’ve lived with a maxim that brings a smile to my face every time I repeat it to myself. Which is approximately 38 times a day. I’ve kept it in long enough, however, and today I release it to the masses. It’s called “Anyone can buy that”, and you remind yourself of it anytime you come across the following situations: When you roll […]

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“The Penny”

July 4, 2014

It’s the 4th of July and you’ll be out and lovin’ on America and hot dogs here shortly, but before you do take a few seconds and read this awesome essay (?) I stumbled upon while looking for pics the other day for Rockstar Finance… I usually don’t read the descriptions of them when scanning Flickr, but for some reason I decided to on this […]

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Net Worth Update: $454,218.23 (+$5k)

July 2, 2014

Net worth time again, baby! Y’all still updating yours every month too? :) This month had a little bitter sweet action going on around town. Cash and cars went down pretty significantly, at least % wise, while our mortgages and investments (yeah Vanguard!) improved quite the oppositely. With one main changing of the guards… OUR HOUSE IS NO LONGER UNDERWATER!!!! OMFG!!!! I’ve only been waiting […]

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