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The 5 Biggest Purchases of My Life

June 18, 2014

Sometimes I like to stare at my investment accounts and watch my dollars work hard for me. Other times, I’m a glutton for punishment and choose to focus on all the places my money runs off to instead. Today I choose the punishment ;) And since I’ve never consciously made a list of the all-time largest expenses of my life, I thought – why not […]

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Net Worth Update: $449,527.32 [+$2,000]

June 11, 2014

Welcome to another rousing net worth update – that was a fast month! While I wish I had something big and juicy to share with you all today though, I’m afraid May just wasn’t that exciting in terms of finances this go around… In the baby dept, yes (he’s now finally sleeping more and gained over 5 lbs!), but we’ll save all that for BeingAParentIsSexy.com […]

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Debt Paying Tip: #67: Round Up to The $100th!

June 4, 2014

[Don’t bother looking for debt paying tips #’s 1-66, I make things up like a weirdo] If there’s one thing I hate more than debt, it’s owing someone something. So any chance I have to speed up the process to be utterly, and completely, free of that dirty D – mortgages included! – I’m all for it ;) From crazy schemes of paying off $2,000 […]

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Our Renters Renewed For Another Year!

April 23, 2014

The best thing you can hear as a landlord :) At least of course if they are *good* tenants, as my friend Lazy Man was quick to point out when I announced the good news on Twitter. I asked him why he’d even offer his tenants the chance to renew if they sucked so much anyways?, and he said they tried doctoring the contract so […]

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The Measurements of Value

April 8, 2014

I did something fun and picked up another old-school book to review today :) McMichael’s Appraising Manual by Stanley L. McMichael. 3rd edition circa 1948 – shortly after World War II. Only this time around it wasn’t nearly as fun as last month’s Thrift book we reviewed, unless you’re a diehard real estate fan and/or master appraiser, haha… (I picked it up on impulse thinking […]

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What Do You Do With Your “Extra” Money?

March 17, 2014

That was an EXCELLENT question I got from a reader recently, and it’s one most of us often wonder about ourselves. And one that usually means we’re doing pretty well too :) The people asking this question are currently at #3 of the Cash Flow Categories™: You’re losing money every month/paycheck You’re breaking even every month/paycheck You have more money coming in than coming out […]

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Dancing With Billy Joel

March 4, 2014

Every morning my routine looks something like this: Hit snooze button 3.4 times Roll out of bed and into my office Hustle hard for two hours Wake up my baby Dress Mr. Baby (“What’s that son? The girls love your Jordans? I know.) DANCE with Mr. Baby! Feed my baby Hand baby off to baby mama And then he’s whisked away to day care… Nothing […]

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How I Plan to Retire at 30

February 13, 2014

[This is a guest post by FI Fighter. Let me know how you guys like this one – I’ve been heavily into this “retire early” stuff lately, and perhaps we’ll make a series out of this :)] Later on this year, I turn 30. That’s right, the dreaded THREE, ZERO… but it’s not what you think. For one, I’m not freaking out and wondering where […]

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$47,150.29 – The Total Spent on Our House Last Year

January 22, 2014

I write today’s post with both disgust, and relief. Disgust because we shelled out over forty-seven THOUSAND freakin’ dollars on our house last year (!!!), but a sweet relief that we’re finally out of that dang place and onto greener pastures… as well as getting all those renos out of the way too. But it still stings looking at the numbers no matter how you […]

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Marrying Logic with Emotion

December 31, 2013

That was the subject line of an email I found in my drafts this morning :) Pretty catchy right? I like to rummage through my inbox every now and then when I have a fit of writer’s block, and that line stole my attention right away and got me to open up the rest of the email to see what words I had dropped… And, […]

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The Jobs That Get You The Biggest Tips

December 16, 2013

[If you guessed sex, booze, and gambling, you’d be right ;)] Saw this video on CNN about Apple stock and home ownership predictions for 2014 (more on that later), but then at the end it threw in a zinger on the people who get paid the MOST via tips at their jobs. Which is always fun to see for some reason? :) And, as we […]

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How I Failed at Buying a Rental Property

December 12, 2013

[By guest author, Jeff Rose today. AKA The Rock. AKA new-published-author-who-included-me-in-his-book-so-now-I-can-say-I’m-officially-published-too ;)] If there is one thing that sucks about being an entrepreneur, it’s the fact that you always want to dabble in new things. When I was six years into my career of being a financial advisor, things were good. My business was growing and I really had no need to pursue any new […]

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Do I Regret Paying $2,000/mo Extra Into Our Mortgages?

October 15, 2013

An interesting question was left on my blog recently, and for the past few weeks I’ve really been thinking about how to answer it. Because the truth is, sometimes it’s hard to tell. When you make a decision that was right for you *at that time*, it’s hard to then regret it later just because new information is available and/or situations changed. Especially when big […]

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1 Month of Being a Landlord…

August 26, 2013

(Can I call myself a landlord if I cheat and use a property manager to do all the work? :)) Well that was a fast month, wasn’t it? One second we’re moving into our mother-in-law’s, and the next we’re out in a new state and allowing strangers to live in our old house! Haha… albeit strangers who agree to pay down the mortgage for you, […]

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