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Would You Rather… Cash vs Debt Edition

February 26, 2016
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Happy Friday y’all! As you know, I’m a big believer that knowing your personality plays a HUGE role in how you manage your finances – for the better or the worse. It’s no secret that I personally choose paths that excite me more than other, possibly “smarter,” financial routes, but I also know myself well enough that if I can’t stay motivated then none of […]

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Would You Go to Jail For a Year For a Million Dollars?

February 12, 2016
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Have a GREAT imaginary proposal for y’all today ;) I was talking to an old friend last night about all the random hustles he’s done over the years (eBay flipping, acting, design work) when out of the blue he told me he was once asked if he wanted to be a part of a heist. “A heist??” I blurted out. “As in, robbing a bank? […]

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Would You Rather… Make $50k or $100k? (But…)

November 21, 2014

Welcome to Friday, hustlers. You know how everyone’s always talking about “keeping up with the Joneses,” and how it’s best to not compare yourselves to others? Well, this Would You Rather we’ve got for you today will test you on just that ;) I reckon most of you will vote the financially smart way considering you’re on this site, but do try to answer this […]

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Would You Rather… $1 Billion or 15 years of life?

April 4, 2014

So I know we just did some fun would you rathers the other week, but a friend of mine just shot a new one randomly my way (probably because he was bored at work), and I couldn’t help but share it with y’all. This is the same friend who got duped by that fake $100 bill a while back, haha.. Here’s the question he posed […]

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Would You Rather…

March 21, 2014

As a blogger, we get pitched a LOT from companies/organizations/spammers and all kinds of scammers. Everyone vying for your attention in hopes you open up their emails andshare all their amazing words with your readers. (Yes, that was sarcasm) 99.98% of them get deleted. But, every now and then you get a fun one like I’m about to share with you today :) One that […]

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Magical Genie Asks: Would You Gain 25 lbs to Wipe out ALL Your Debt?

August 9, 2013

YES! Another awesome/crazy/doesn’t-mean-much survey! My fave ;) This time up is Credit Karma (why are they always from credit score places?) who hired a company to research how people feel about their looks vs debt. And the findings are just as interesting as the survey we last posted about on credit scores vs looks. Here’s the biggie from the results: 72% of Americans would rather […]

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5 Awesome “Would You Rathers!”

September 14, 2012

I was debating on whether to do a Five For Friday post today, or a Would You Rather, and then I stumbled across an awesome game by Savvy Sugar who pretty much mashed up both of them into one tight package! Woo! They take it farther and compare like 50 other “would you rather spend your moneys here or there” type things, but I searched […]

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Would You Rather… Money vs. Career ed.

April 20, 2012

It’s time for another rousing game of Would Your Rather!  Y’all did so good spewing your thoughts on the last one between fame or fortune, I thought it was high-time to pick your brains again.  And maybe even get you to stop for a hot minute and really THINK about what you’re doing (or not doing) with your career right now.  No harm in that, […]

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Would You Rather… Fame vs. Fortune

March 2, 2012

Got another one for ya homies!  This one I stole off my girl Rachel King, of “almost the first MTV Twitter DJ” fame, haha…., and it’s a hard one so I’m hoping y’all need to think about it for a bit ;)  It’s getting trickier and trickier to come up with questions that you don’t answer so freakin’ fast!  So let’s see what this one […]

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Would You Rather…

January 27, 2012

Man, it’s been forever since we last did one of these! Have you been missing them like I have?  Remember our last one?  Haha… “Would you rather be RICH 100 years ago, or Average now?” – they’re always entertaining ;)  Even if there’s no real point to them other than having fun (but that’s what Fridays are for, yo!). So let’s continue the tradition, and […]

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Would You Rather… Rich 100 years ago, or Avg. now?

June 3, 2011

OMG this is a good one :) Big props to NPR and Brad from Time’s MoneyLand for circulating this around – very clever!  I was starting to run out of some good ones over the years, haha…. so here we go – a new Would You Rather! Courtesy of MoneyLand: Would you rather: A. Live in 1900 and make $70,000 a year. or B. Live […]

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Would You Rather… Millions vs. Teleporting

February 4, 2011

Hahaha… oh man, it’s been WAY too long since our last Would You Rather… remember the “1 year of your life vs. $100,000” one?  I miss these crazy things :)  And also, I’m way too tired to write an actual post today, haha…my brain is so fried right now. In fact, I had to use Google to help me come up with a good one! […]

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Would You Rather… Life vs. $100,000

June 25, 2010

Woohoo!  My first “Would You Rather” of the year! Remember when I used to do these like every other month? I guess there’s only so many you can do until you run out of ideas though, at least if we’re sticking to the financial mold.  It’s probably good that I can’t throw out any of my REAL feisty ones anyways ;) If you ever make […]

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Would You Rather… Sex vs. Money edition.

November 6, 2009

It’s Friday, and I think we could all use a Would You Rather! It’s getting harder to pick out some goods that we haven’t done already, but I think today’s is juicy enough to stir up some action ;) Although technically, it’s more of a “Would you give up ___ for ___” kinda deal, but the concept is pretty much the same – you have […]

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