Dear Debt, You will have to PRY this cash from my fist.

by J. Money -

my face.You will win, as you always do, but i’m still putting up a fight! And how do you always know when i have extra cash around anyways? Do you have spies at my beloved USAA?

However you do it, know that I’m not a fan. And when this little relationship is over one day, I’m sorry to say that you will not be missed. (no offense)

So yeah, I will still give you my freakin’ money for the time being, but I just want you to know that you’re slowly sucking away all motivation. And that’s coming from ME – Mr. Frugal, Mr. “I know it’s best to pay off my c/c”! Mr. “this is easy as hell so why am i thinking about it?”

Yes, the Cash bug has bitten me all over and it’s starting to itch.(Cash bug = lots of cash coming in and me not wanting to depart with it). You see, all of a sudden I’m getting some extra money in that i hadn’t originally planned for. That in itself, ofcourse, is awesome as $hit – it’s the giving it away part that’s starting to irk me. Here’s what just came in:

  • $776.00 – From the money I lent my brother last year! That little nugget of joy actually paid me back in full – imagine that ;) So while I’m now 1 for 2 in loaning my family money (the other was a $100 loan not to be seen again), I won’t be able to reap the rewards as it’s going straight to the c/c.
  • $542.89 – Extra money from good budgeting, as well as maxing out my 401(k) last year. My calculations were a bit off, so I ended up hitting the max. limit of $15,500 a bit early – thus putting the extras back into my check.

Again, not complaining i have extra reserves here, just that i’m tired of waving good-bye to it. So while i’m always a postive guy, today i reserve the right to bitch a little….it’s good for the soul :)

And when all is said and done, i’ll be a good little boy and throw that extra $1300 right at my remaining debt (besides mortgages) – $3214.87, for the rest of the car loans. It may not happen right away, but i promise to apply it as soon as i’m done staring at all it’s beauty in my checking account!


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