Live Like You’re Broke…

by J. Money -

Whatcha know about that? Fellow blogger Anne wrote a little on it the other day, and it really hit me – Live like you’re broke! Yes, nice & simple, I dig it. I’ll probably forget this by next month (you know, A.D.D. and all), but for now let’s roll with it ;)

If you were really broke, here’s what would happen:

  • First, you would still live! It would be harder, but it’s not like you’d die.
  • You’d cut out spending. Because you “can’t” spend – you’re broke.
  • You’d save as much money as possible. You might have to turn around and pay the bills with it all, but you’d still be saving better.
  • You’d get creative! Probably the best reason to get in this mindset.

I think we all “live like we’re broke” to some degree, it just comes down to the amount you’re willing to give up (unless, of course you *are* broke, in which case you’ve probably perfected it!). I’m sure I could cut out 1/2 of the things I do now to save some cash, but it’s just not worth it. On the other hand, there are plenty of things I COULD cut (and would cut) if I were indeed broke. Regardless, it’s always good to stop and consider the way you do things. Do that enough, and you’re bound to stay focused!

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